How to Deal With A Car Accident If You Are Not At Fault?

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Car accidents are momentum and can happen to anyone at any time; you might be commuting to work when you might just feel a jerk. Car accidents are quite unpleasant and if you are the one who is not at fault then you might just be wondering what to do next. Well, there are a lot of steps that you need to follow that are the same even if you are not the one who is at fault.

What should be done immediately after the accident?

Wondering what to do when you get in a car accident and it’s not your fault, well then here are a few things can be done to protect your own interests.

  • After the accident- The first and the foremost thing to do immediately after the accident is to take a deep breath. In case you are injured then try and get immediate medical help. Check on the drivers and passengers that might be involved in the accident and help those who might be in need of immediate help. Make sure to move your vehicle on the other side of the road, to avoid a collision.
  • Try and gather all the information- If it is not your fault, then clearly it is the fault of the other driver and he/ she should be the one reporting it. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any work to do, try and gather all the information from the driver for instance; ask him/her for their name, address and phone number, get the statement of the witness if there is any and get the insurance policy number of the other driver.
  • Call the police- Even if you are unsure about your contribution to the accident, then collect all the information and call the police. If there are physical injuries then you should call the police. It is compulsory by law to call the police at the accident scene if there have been injuries.

What to do after a car accident is a thought that leaves everyone perplexed, but once you have gathered all the information and informed the police, then there is nothing to worry about as it is their duty to handle the further proceedings.

Call the agent

It is recommended to call your insurance agent during the time you are at the scene. This is necessary because then they can tell what needs to be done in order to make a claim and what should you expect from the claim process.

An accident happens in a blink of an eye and can leave one completely shaken, so by following these steps you might be able to protect yourself and can focus on getting your vehicle repaired with the help of the insurance company.

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