3 Ways to Develop a Winner’s Mindset


Winners are people who go through constant and immense struggle to perfect their skill. In this process, they fight their own limitations and those set by people around them in order to become greater than what they are. A winner transcends their circumstance to achieve perfection.

Winning and excelling are a fundamental part of human nature. The pursuit of happiness and perfection go hand in hand. It takes willpower, discipline and a little obsession to get where they are; and winners always rise to the occasion.

It’s not just the body but also the mind that forces them to overcome their physical limitations and become who they are. Their minds are hardwired to win and the mindset is what makes them tick.

Here are three ways in which people can do the same:

1. Commitment and Perseverance

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are considered two of the best basketball players in history. All those who have seen or played basketball look up to these two as the benchmark for excellence in the sport. For those who don’t know, most other basketball players found that they couldn’t keep up with these two.

People say MJ didn’t care where he played, whether he was practicing or playing an actual game, as long as he played smart and played his best. He only wanted to be the best and it was almost scary.

Kobe Bryant played the 2010 NBA finals with a sprained ankle and he actually carried the Lakers to the championship! He didn’t let his ankle hold him back. He just wanted to be the best and nothing could get in the way.

2. The ‘Can and Will Definitely Do’ Mindset

Only with a deep understanding of one’s art can people truly become great. Muhammad Ali, also known as the greatest boxer in living history, developed his skill by working out with rocks. That’s right, his coach used to throw rocks at him that he had to dodge to develop his speed and agility.

He was so good at it that he once dodged 21 punches thrown at him in 10 seconds. That is why he “Floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee”.

Once someone knows that they’re the best, there’s nothing that will stop them from proving it either. And what better way to prove to the naysayers than to have a couple of personalized medal holders or framed mementos on the wall?

3. Preparation for Struggle

Winners know that there’s a price to pay and they’re willing to pay it. Do people think that Michael Jordan didn’t realize he’d probably tick some people off? He didn’t care. Didn’t Kobe know that his ankle will never be the same? That didn’t stop him from becoming a champ, anyway. Didn’t Muhammad Ali know he would probably get hurt by the rocks? Of course, he did.

This is how one becomes a winner. Their minds are an inhuman combination of grit, determination and willpower.

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