Top Tips for Air Travel Luggage Packing for First Time Travelers

If you are traveling by air for the first time, you may be a little overwhelmed about what you need to pack. There is so much information online and you may find some a bit confusing. In this guide, we’ll share the essential tips of what you need to pack in your luggage when traveling by air.

  1. Get a Carry-on Bag

Traveling by air requires that you pack as light as possible. You only need essential items. You shouldn’t pack what you don’t need. To reduce the temptation to pack nonessentials, get a lightweight carry-on bag. This will ensure you park only what you need. If you’re looking for some of the best carry-on bags online, the Tumi store has got you covered. And with the available Tumi coupon, you get to make savings on your order.

  1. Specific Items to pack

Before you stuff your travel bag, first pack the items you’re taking together in a place. Remember to take the essentials, like shoes, undergarments, few clothes, basic toiletries, entertainment units, and medications, if any. Make sure you check the TSA guidelines to ensure you don’t pack things that are not allowed. If you do, you might have to throw them away. To reduce the number of clothes you pack, settle for clothes that can be interchanged and pick accessories that will complement your outfit. When you have packed everything in a place, review the items one after the other and see which one you can let go to reduce your loads. When you are sure you have everything you need, you can go ahead to arrange them in your carry-on bag. You can get the best deal on the carry-on bag with an amazing Tumi coupon.

  1. Pack your Documents together

You need to present your passport for international travel and some form of identification for a domestic flight. To avoid forgetting your documents, put everything in a single place. You can check the Tumi store for a sizeable wallet that will contain all your documents. You can get a Tumi coupon to get rebates on the order. Don’t forget to pack your credit card and ATM along with the document.

  1. Wear more and pack less

Instead of packing your clothes; you might want to wear them. You don’t get charged for what you wear. You only get charged for what you carry. So, take advantage of that and reduce what you have in your luggage. Rather than dress in a T-shirt, you can wear layers of clothes and put your jacket on it. You can get a nice-looking jacket from Tumi online store. The great part is that they come at affordable cost, thanks to the available Tumi coupon. When you wear more and pack less, you’ll also pay less for luggage.

Finally, don’t pack what you may buy. If you plan to visit a boutique and do some shopping, you don’t have to pack many clothes. Pack light so that you’ll have enough space for your purchases without having to buy an extra suitcase.


Eye-Popping Tourists Spots One Should Visit On Their Trip To Australia

Australia is one of the most popular tourism spots in the world with 2018 seeing 9.2 million visitors to the country up from 8.7 million in 2017, according to Tourism Australia. There are many different locations in Australia to discover when you are a tourist in this stunning country in the Pacific with tourists arriving in the country from China, the U.S., and the U.K. in large numbers. When you explore the stunning beauty of Australia, you will have the chance to see some of the most amazing and unique sights in the world.

The Sydney Opera House

Perhaps the most iconic building in Australia and one of the world’s most recognizable buildings, the Sydney Opera House overlooks the stunning Harbor and its bridge. Sydney Harbor offers a large number of visitor attractions including the chance to see the local ocean life including Oz Whale Watching in Sydney. OPened in 1973, Sydney Opera House was designed to reflect the sails of the tall ships passing into the city’s port and has become the top tourist destination in the country.

Daintree Rainforest

It is difficult to discuss your trip to Australia without looking to explore the lives and history of the indigenous people of the nation. Getting back to nature often means heading to the Greta Barrier Reef to explore this stunning area off the coast of Queensland. However, a more intimate and less crowded exploration of the nature and tribal history of Australia is on offer to you at Daintree Rainforest. The rainforest is the oldest on the planet with an estimated lifespan of 180 million years to date. Two and four-hour guided tours are available with members of the Kuku Yalanji Tribe offering an insight into nature and the Dreamtime walks through this ethically-managed attraction.

Wilpena Pound

While the majority of tourists flock to Uluru, often referred to as Ayer’s Rock, there are many different stunning locations to explore the beauty of Australia. The South Australian community of Adnyamathanha people have called this area home for tens of thousands of years in a history of the region dating back over 800 million years. The natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound covers more than 80 square kilometres and is home to a national park and resorts set within the stunning natural landscape.

Hamelin Bay Stingrays

Hamelin Bay is a beautiful part of Western Australia where the local fishermen have been befriended by hundreds of stingrays who have made the bay their home over the last few decades. The stingray population can be found in the clear, blue waters of the bay where fully grown and just born rays look for fish scraps from tourists and fishermen alike. The majority of the stingrays of the community are friendly and gentle, allowing an intimate experience for you when you arrive at the bay.

The Pinnacles

The desert of Western Australia is one of the most amazing places in the world to explore with its stunning moonscape. The Pinnacles are limestone pillars reaching up to three meters in height which are within a day trip of the city of Perth. Not only is the desert and Pinnacles a stunning backdrop to your photographs, but the Ocean Drive route also takes in many of the most stunning portions of the regional landscape.

Exploring the many different areas of Australia will often feel as though you are stepping into the landscape of another planet. Whether watching whales breach in Sydney Harbor or exploring some of the oldest landscapes in the world, the nation of Australia will leave you lost for words at the beauty of its locations.


A Brief Guide to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

During springtime in Japan, you will notice that everything is decorated in clouds of delicate pink flowers. This is an ancient tradition since the cherry blossom season is essential for the Japanese people.

They enjoy outdoor activities and spend time in nature while celebrating the essence of life and season changes. In recent years, it became a favorite time of year for travelers to visit Japan and enjoy in countless photographic opportunities and stunning landscapes.

The act of observing spring’s blooming is called Hanami by Japanese people, and the real translation is flower viewing. It is an ancient custom that encourages people to appreciate transient beauty and nature of life.

As soon as temperatures begin to rise at the end of March, trees will leave the state of hibernation and start to bloom.

It is a short-lived event that lasts for a few weeks, and during this particular period, people of Japan celebrate the new season with outdoor picnics, parties,and street festivals.

It refers mainly to watching cherry blossom, and even though the process happens to all nature and flowers, cherry blossom viewing is especially popular among older generations that enjoy celebrating the arrival of spring.

History of Hanami

The history and tradition of this particular festivity date back to the eighth century and it started by viewing of plum blossom, and afterward, it evolved into a focus on cherry blossoms, that we can find in The Tale of Genji, a literary piece from the 11th century.

During these periods, people believed that trees possessed spirits and they provided offerings to their honor.

The arrival of cherry blossom was considered as the start of the rice-planting season, and most Japanese writers found inspiration in a Cherry tree with numerous poems written about it.

These practices were limited only to Imperial Court with a vast and luxurious feast that was accompanied by sake, and only high officials enjoyed this particular thing. After a while, other parts of society, as well as ordinary people, decided to do the same thing.

Country’s officials decided to plant hundreds of cherry blossom trees so that this particular tradition would remain for generations that will come.

Check this link: to learn more on Hanami and its importance for Japanese culture and lifestyle.

How is Hanami Celebrated Today?

The tradition purely remained the same as in the past, since everyone enjoys spending time with friends and family in local parks so that they can enjoy in pretty blossoms.

They are also sharing drinks and foods on evening gatherings until the small hours of the night. At the same time, paper lanterns would decorate cherry trees to provide additional light.

Today, it is a highly documented event in Japan with meteorological forecasts that will provide information to people when blossoms will start. TV stations and newspapers are keeping a close track on the cherry blossom trees movement all across the country.

It is the most beautiful part of the year to visit with your friends and family.


How Best To Get a Good Hotel in Georgetown Penang

Georgetown Penang is one of the biggest cities in Malaysia today and is also one of the best places to get top class hotel services around. Are you visiting this town for the first time or you are just looking for a place to cool your head different from your home in Georgetown? Not to worry; you will never be in want of great hotels where you can lodge here and you will enjoy every moment you spend here. If you are a tourist with interest in works of art, you may decide to go for a hotel near street art in Georgetown Penang so that you can easily access the works of art and get adequately educated about local arts before traveling back to your home country. In this write-up, some of the features to consider before lodging in any of the hotels close to street art will be discussed so that you can make only informed decisions.

What is more important to you?

When looking for a hotel near street art in Georgetown Penang, you may want to first consider what your real interest is. It is good to focus on a hotel near street art, but you also must find out if the hotel ahs some other important things that can make your stay in the hotel a lovely, welcoming and comforting one. Check for certain features and benefits offered by the hotel, like free breakfast, affordable services, a specific type of décor, comfortable rooms, size of rooms, business-like rooms and so on. it is very important to consider these factors before you ever lodge in any of the hotels close to street art; this is because there is more to a hotel lodging than its closeness to your place of interest.

Check for amenities

Aside from the points mentioned above, you should also find out if the hotel near street art in Georgetown Penang also has the essential amenities that can make a hotel accommodation the right one for you. Before you pay for that hotel lodging, either online or at their brick and mortar property, you may want to find out if they have the following amenities first:

  • Breakfast
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning

There are several other amenities to consider in a hotel, but these are about the most outstanding ones. Some hotels may provide these amenities as part of the standard deal, while some other hotels may want you to pay something extra before they can give you unfettered access to these amenities. You should settle this issue before you ever lodge in the hotel. Is the Wi-Fi free or not? Are cars parked at owner’s risk or the hotel will be responsible for the security of the cars you have parked at their car park? There are even times that the hotel may only offer a third-party garage not located on site.

These issues need to be sorted out first before any other thing. Also, find out if the cost of lodging in the hotel includes breakfast or not. When searching for a hotel near street art in Georgetown Penang, take some time to review the website before you lodge there.


Travelling to Cape Town

Situated in South Africa, Cape Town is a beautiful city and a very good place to visit on holidays and vacation with so many attractions to see and enjoy. Most people like to travel to the city by air and water. Cheap flights and boat trips are available for those who want to visit Cape Town. Some people visit the city for work and business. There are beautiful mountains, shores, and wine farms in the area that attract tourists. If you want to travel by air to Cape Town, you can book a ticket for a flight online on the webpage flight to cape town You can book the flight for one way or for return as well.

Since the tickets for the flight are cheap and affordable, you can save a lot of money on the trip. Do see the beautiful table mountains in Cape Town when you go there. The coastal area has many beaches that are a must-see. Also, visit the wineries that are famous for producing the best wine.

V & A Waterfront is on the shores of the Atlantic Sea and Table Bay Harbor in the beautiful city of Cape Town. It is also known as Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Taking a boat trip from the Waterfront area is also a good way to travel to Cape Town and enjoy sightseeing in the city. The boat trips from the V&A Waterfront are available for tourists who want to visit Cape Town and stay there to see the attractions and famous places in the city. Traveling by sea enables you to see the marine wildlife and sea animals from the boat. You can see seals, fishes, and dolphins when you take a boat trip. Also, the seaside area has several attractions like the coastal area and table mountains that you must see during the journey. Couples like to enjoy a romantic cruise and enjoy the seaside view and the beautiful sunset while traveling to Cape Town.


Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

The applicants who had received employer nominations or are not qualified under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream and never worked or worked for short duration in Australia can apply for ens direct entry stream for Australia, that is, of employer nomination scheme subclass 186 under Australian immigration, so to get the visa read down given statements carefully. The given statement will really help you out to get four dream fulfilled.

Basic requirement under direct entry stream should be fulfilled. By fulfilling you will make you application fulfilled for about more than 50 per cent. The requirements are given below:

Applicants can be eligible under Direct Entry stream in case they are up to date with these points.

  1. Applicant has acquired an approved nomination for a job position under direct entry stream permit Australia.
  2. Applicants have NIL or a very little working experience in Australia. If you had already worked in Australia for huge number of period then getting this visa again is next to impossible. Before saying that you are already eligible because you had already worked for Australia for a long period, read all these points carefully. Ignoring any of these can waste your time and can destroy your dream too.
  3. So it can be said that, applicant has a Temporary skilled work visa ( subclass 457 ) holder but it is not a eligible for Temporary Residence Transition stream. So, if you really want to be a part of Australia then you have to fulfill all these points.
  4. Applicant is submitting the visa applicant from outside the Australia. It means, if you are staying in Australia and filling the form again for yourself then it is not possible for you to get it, or if you are filling the application for any other people, the submitting the application cannot be done by Australia citizen. It has to be done by someone who stays out of Australia.

Eligibility criteria:

As an applicant you must fulfill the criteria to get eligible visa. If you get failed in fulfilling any of these criteria, then taking visa is not possible, so before applying for the visa, read down the below criteria carefully.

  • You have to be less than 45 years unless you will be exempt from age criteria. So if you have crossed this age, then it is impossible to get the visa in your hand.
  • You must be having nomination by an Australian employer who is legally operating in Australia.
  • Must apply for the visa within 6 months, not more than that if you want to get in the nomination.
  • You must have required skills and qualification for the position.
  • And if you are being exempt for your English, then you should carry the evidence of English Language proficiency.
  • Requirements of the Health and Character.

And be sure you have filled all the criteria in which you have applied because failing in any of these criteria can make a obstacle between you and your dream.


When Does It Make Sense to Rent a Car Otopeni Aeroport

For most people, they only decide to rent a car Otopeni Aeroport when they don’t have their own vehicle with them. They just go for car rental when they travel to a place for pleasure or business. Some are even forced to rent a car if their car is in the mechanic or they were previously in an accident. What they don’t know is that there are many other instances when it makes perfect sense to rent a car. It makes so much sense that sometimes renting a car even pays for itself, making the experience so much better.

  • You want to take a long trip with your family, and you are not that confident that your decade old minivan can do the task. Car trouble can be a total bummer for any family trip or vacation. It can be very annoying to be left with no choice but to waste your precious time looking for a reliable mechanic in the middle of a beach town hundreds of miles away from your home.
  • The vehicle you leased is nearing its mileage limit and there is still one month left before the lease expires. Lease penalties for the excessive mileage can be very expensive when they add up. Instead of traveling for 200 miles for your business trip with your leased vehicle, spend a few bucks and rent a car Otopeni Aeroport instead. This will easily pay for itself in the excessive mileage it was able to offset.
  • Your daughter or son has just finished the first year and college and acquired a lot of things that cannot easily fit in your family sedan. If you don’t like to make a round trip drive, car rental companies also allow one way rentals without any extra charge. Just make sure you confirm this first with your agency before you schedule your booking.
  • You have plans to sell your 5 year old car but only after you have returned from the yearly camping trip with your family. With this situation, you will not just have to consider those miles you will forego but also the added wear and tear when you drive on back roads that must be avoided at all cost, or else, you wouldn’t strike a good deal for your sale.
  • Your high school best friends will be flying out with their families to visit you and your family. It is definitely not practical to count on your wagon during their stay. But when you rent a car in Otopeni Aeroport, you can pick them up conveniently and have a car you can use while touring them around the area.

There are a lot of situations when renting a car makes much more sense compared to driving your own car. The main takeaway here is to stop thinking that car rentals are just the last resort you need to use if you are on a trip and your car is still in the shop. Getting rid of this mindset can help you save extra bucks for both long and short run. More info about rent a car Otopeni Aeroport please visit .

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Phone: 0754 422 599


Take a Peek at Five of the Best 5-star Hotels in Delhi

The capital of India has some of the top hotels in the country. If you are planning a visit to Delhi and prefer staying in a 5-star hotel, or want to experience one for the first time, then we have created a list of our top five recommendations.

Delhi, the capital city of India, is an important political, economic, and social centre in the country. Needless to say, the city receives millions of tourists every year from not just India, but from all over the world. Being an important tourist destination in India, Delhi also has a number of luxury hotel chains.

If you prefer staying in 5-star hotels or want to try them for the first time, we have a list of five top recommendations for you.

  1. The Leela Palace

Located in the Chanakyapuri area of Delhi, The Leela Palace opened its door for the guests in 2011. Built with a mind-boggling budget of $400 million, no other hotel in Delhi defines luxury as well as The Leela Palace.

The hotel has 11 floors, and its magnificent design is inspired by Edwin Lutyens, a British architect who was behind a lot of the architecture of New Delhi around 1930s. The interiors would remind you of the Indian royalty while the amenities would ensure that you enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

  1. The Taj Mahal Hotel

Just the mention of ‘Taj Mahal’ is more than enough to engulf someone’s mind with the images of the splendorous architecture of the Mughal era. But if imaging the architecture feels laborious, then visit The Taj Palace in Delhi and you’ll find yourself surrounded by it.

Made from pink stone, the iconic 11-floor hotel perfectly reflects the Delhi when it was ruled by Mughals. The intricate motifs, panels, domes, inlay work, and marble effortlessly create an ambience full of the rich heritage of the city. A favourite of celebrities, businessmen, and politicians, this is one hotel that you should pick if experiencing royalty is what you are looking for.

  1. The Imperial Hotel

Located close to the popular Connaught Place area of Delhi, the Imperial Hotel is not only one of the best hotels in Delhi and India but has also received several awards of being one of the best hotels in Asia. A Victorian-style building of the 1930s is converted into this popular hotel, allowing it to resonate the old-world charm perfectly.

Apart from being a luxury hotel, Imperial also has a museum with artefacts and things from the days of British India.

  1. ITC Maurya

Inspired by the Mauryan Empire, which was dominant in the country between 322 BCE and 187 BCE, ITC Maurya is one of the finest hotels in India. The dynasty was very popular for its art and culture, and the hotel perfectly demonstrates how rich the past actually was.

It has a vast art collection spread throughout the hotel, along with several contemporary Indian art pieces which greet guests at the lobby. The hotel has recently embraced the “responsible luxury” initiative, and is the first hotel in India to receive the LEED Platinum status by the Green Building Council of the US.

  1. JW Marriott

If you are looking for the best 5-star hotel close to the airport, just get down from your Mumbai to Delhi flight or flight from any other place and head over to JW Marriott. The hotel is very popular for its magnificent interiors and world-class amenities which ensure that the guests experience a perfect blend of relaxation and work.

The central location of the hotel works in its favour; not just the airport, but prominent tourist spots and business areas are close to it. Be it leisure or business, JW Marriott in Delhi is certainly an amazing option for anyone travelling to Delhi.

If you want to experience hospitality and luxury at its best in Delhi, these are five of the best 5-star hotels that would effortlessly fulfil your objective. You can book these hotels online at the best prices to avoid the hassles of first reaching Delhi and then searching for the best hotel.


This Is What You Can Experience OnSail Sabang 2017

Sail Sabang 2017 is a festival that becomes the right moment to enjoy your holiday in Indonesia. Sail Sabang is a festival held in Indonesia as a manifestation of the geographical conditions of Indonesia as a maritime country. In Sail Sabang, there will be a sailing event with 2 routes that will be managed by professional sailing coordinator. In addition, here will also be a lot of activities for you to follow to complete the moment of your vacation in Indonesia.If you want to participate in Sail Sabang, you can register at Sail Sabang official website. In this site, you can in addition to registration map, schedule, and related things about Sail Sabang.

Sail Sabang 2017 Indonesia giving you the opportunity to experience unique and exciting experiences in your holiday in Indonesia. Here, you can not only watch the fun, you can be a part of this wonderful festival. Some contests will be held openly for your participation. For those of you who want to have a new experience in your vacation, coming and participating in this festival is highly recommended. At Sail Sabang, there will be some surprising activities and moments for you to experience.

  1. Underwater Photo Contest

Underwater Photo Contest is an open competition for you to enjoy Sail Sabang. In this competition, you can capture the amazing underwater scenery in Sabang waters. For those of you who enjoy amazing underwater scenery, you can join this competition for excitement as well as to capture many awesome images in Sabang underwater.

  1. Diving Championship

Diving Championship is a competition held for the participants who love diving sport. Here you can compete with other diving enthusiasts. In addition, there will be an amazing diving experience awaiting you in Sabang. Sabang underwater scenery certainly will not be easy for you to forget.

  1. Parachute Championship

At Sail Sabang this time, will also be held Parachute Championship. For those of you who like parachute sports, this event would be very suitable for you to join. If you want to just enjoy the excitement, you can also watch the fun in this activity.

  1. Aerobatic Show

There will be many fun moments for you to feel in Sail Sabang. If you join this event, you can also watch aerobatic performances that will spur your adrenaline. There is still much more to see in Sail Sabang. Do not miss this festival while you are in Indonesia.

Sail Sabang 2017Schedulewill be available at Sail Sabang website. You can open Sabang Sail website to get the schedule of events in Sail Sabang. If you are interested in entering the contest to be held on Sail Sabang, you can also register yourself on this website. As for those of you who just want to enjoy the excitement in Sail Sabang, you can register accommodation and various things about your arrival in Sabang here. Let’s get an unforgettable experience for you while in Indonesia with being part of Sail Sabang festival.


Travelling to Vietnam from Australia? All you need to know

Vietnam located in the south eastern part of Asia is fast becoming a known hub for tourists and business travellers. For tourists and leisure travellers it is an excellent spot for vacation due to the presence of rich natural beauty like the rivers and beaches along with Buddhist pagodas. Since past few years there has been a rapid increase in the number of travellers coming to Vietnam for both business and leisure. Before every foreign travel it is very important to know of the rules and regulations of the visiting country to avoid any sort of hassles. As the visa rules might differ from country to country, grab more info from the Vietnam embassy in Australia.

Tips to travel from Australia

The embassy of Vietnam is located in Canberra in Australia. Apart from this there are two other consulates as well in Perth and Sydney. When planning for a travel to Vietnam a visit to the embassy is a must, for the collection of information regarding visa and passport requirements.

When travelling to Vietnam from Australia one can either directly contact the embassy to obtain the required visa or apply for an on arrival visa. The procedure for application of visa by either of the two processes is different. Hence a knowhow on the same is very important. An on arrival visa is only applicable when travelling by air and can be collected at the Vietnam airport. If your travel is by land or sea than visiting the embassy is a must.

Procedure to Apply for On Arrival Visa

The application form for Visa Vietnam Australia citizens available on the website has to be filled in as the first step. Ensure to provide accurate information like name, passport number or the arrival date. The next step is making the payment for the visa which is divided into two. Visa service fee while submitting the application online and visa stamping fee paid to the custom official at the Vietnam airport. The amount may vary depending upon the nature of the visa applied i.e. urgent or normal.

Once the application has been submitted the embassy would generally take two days to process the same and issue the approval letter via email. While travelling carry the printout of the pre approved visa letter along with two 4cm*6cm passport sized photos. Upon arrival at the Vietnam airport carry the above along with a simple application form and visa stamping fees to the immigration official for the visa stamping.

The visa can be applied any time from six months before the travel date with a passport validity of six months after departure from Vietnam. Also make sure prior to the travel if you need a single or multiple entry visa and apply accordingly. If it is a single entry visa you will not be able to come back if you leave Vietnam. In such cases a fresh visa needs to be applied again. The duration for a tourist visa is 90 days and business visa up to six months.