4 Cars You May Not Think Get Good Gas Mileage – But Do!


In trying economic times it’s important to stretch the almighty dollar.  One way to do that is make sure your car gets optimal fuel economy.  But oftentimes the cars with the best fuel economy are embarrassing to drive unless you’re an old man (we’re looking at you, Prius).  So check out these cars that get better gas mileage than you might think!

1.  Nissan Altima

We didn’t believe the Fontana Nissan dealers when they told us the new Altima, a large sedan, actually gets north of 30 MPG.  But we checked (and double checked), and cross referenced with Consumer Reports and metronissanmontclair.com and sure enough, you can get a decent fuel economy at an affordable price and for a really comfortable mid-sized sedan.  It’s a bargain that surprises.
2.  Lexus RX

You gotta be kidding right, the Lexus RX cannot possibly get more than 30 MPG, but indeed it does.  So if you got the pocket change (you’ll need a lot of pockets), then you can be in that select class of folks who rolls in an SUV that is actually fuel efficient.  While hybrid technology is supposed to make it so our vehicles can get over 100MPG, we’ll take 30 out of a luxury SUV, too.

3.  Audi A3

The current A3 is rated at over 30 MPG which is fantastic for a German car that also looks great and offers you great pep.  The future of the A3 is bright, too, because Audi is focusing on increasing the gas mileage for future generations of the car.  30 MPG seems to be the bench mark that if you exceed it, you can shop at the organic stores guilt and irony-free.  So roll up in an A3 and get some organically grown asparagus at the same time.

4.  Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai is the new Honda, reliable and affordable.  Add on the Sonata’s great gas mileage for a large sedan and you have a real winner.  Remember when Hyundai was a bit of a joke?  It really isn’t anymore.  So stop that snickering!  They have slick design and perform as good if not better than the other cars in their class.  Save at the pump and be a forerunner for the next big auto explosion!
So if you are green minded there are a lot of options that may surprise you if you want to have north of 30 MPG and don’t feel like driving a Prius or a Smart car.

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