5 Mistakes to Avoid during Kitchen Refurbishment



Changing or upgrading the kitchen during the home repairs, is one of the exciting things about this otherwise messy process. Kitchens and bathrooms sell the house, and in a busy household, a kitchen becomes one of the gathering areas. There are some things to avoid during this process. Asking for help from a handyman, for example, is avoiding the first mistake of trying to do this alone.

Start With a Budget

Not planning the budget is among the mistakes often made. The important part then is to decide on the most important features in the new design, such the fridge, the countertops, the stove or the sink. Planning this out first will ensure that nasty surprises can be avoided in the process. And do not forget to include the kitchen cleaning at the end of the refurbishment – a cleaning company will be your respite after a job well done.

Storage is Important

Forgetting about storage is easy, but predicting the big and small tools and objects that have to find space in the kitchen can solve it. One reason for a kitchen renovation, among others, could be introducing more crafty located drawers and upcycled, so there is less clutter but everything is in reach.

Big Counters or Small Counters

Any person who loves to cook or needs to cook will say that the counter space is one of the most important within the kitchen. However, if the cooking space is not so important, smaller counters will leave more moving space. The mistake people make is not taking into account the actual needs of their lifestyle. And house cleaning will be easier with some of the types of counters you can get.

Busy Kitchens

When the kitchen becomes busy, the location of all the appliances becomes crucial to avoid accidents. It is important that the fridge, the stove, the sink and the light switches are located in the most efficient spots to have plenty of light, preserve safety an make it easier to move around. Keep the oven where it will get the least dirty, because oven cleaning is insanely hard and you want to avoid that as much as possible.

Gadgets Come First

Last but not least, one of the mistakes people often make when planning out the refurbishing, is buying the gadgets last. With all home improvement and change, the gadgets need to be bought first, because it is much easier to build the design around the height and width of a fridge or a sink, than it is to fit them in later.


In conclusion, it should be said that the kitchen should work for its owner and not the other way around. Think smart, ask questions for professionals and build quality space. End it all with a cleaning service and you are all done and ready to enjoy your new kitchen!

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