5 Possible Mistakes You May Encounter When Buying An Artificial Grass


Water-wise gardening rapidly gain popularity throughout the United States for the reason that the rates of water rise, and many people become aware of the necessity to keep the fresh water. Thus, by using drought tolerant native foliage in area of hungry water, the traditional plant selection can create a continuous beautiful landscape, requiring a less maintenance contrary to the traditional equivalent. The cultural needs of drought tolerant plants varies from the standard landscape plants in various ways. The proper soil grounding and devotion to complete a planting time that will ensure the achievement of the water-wise lawn through the help of artificial grass.

But the thing here is that, what are the often committed mistakes when purchasing artificial grass for indoors from Australian Synthetic Lawns?

Mistake #1: Using pea gravel as base material

It is the common mistakes by several homeowners. You should know that pea gravel stones do have smooth and round surface that makes them slippy when being compacted. Always use decomposed granite and crushed limestone instead. With crushed limestone stones, this will interlock on the another one as soon as it is compacted.

Mistake #2: Measuring Short

And this one is obviously right.  We tend to measure short once we are trying to be practical like minimizing wasted artificial grass as much as possible. For you to avoid this is measure more than enough on all direction while assessing the site.

Mistake #3 Making multiple orders for the same place

There are instances that we already ordered but we need to order again another set of turf of the same product. However, the problem here is that we could be getting different color of turf. This is due to the fact that artificial grass’ color differs from one batch to another.  Therefore, make sure you conduct one-time order to prevent this pitfall.

What you can do is first, measure the whole turf area. After that, order sufficient turf to cover everything in that area. Perform this even you’ve done a partial installation right today.

Mistake #4 Running Turf on different directions

When you start installing these patterned wallpaper, are you going to change its direction of this wallpaper midway right through your installation? Your answer is a big NO. Wondering why? This is because it will obviously ruin the pattern.

Same thing happens to artificial turf. When you begin installing your artificial turf, don’t you dare to change the direction. Doing so, will change pattern’s direction or worse disjointed look of your yard.

Mistake #5 Choosing an irresponsible mover and installer

Since you don’t have any idea on how to properly transfer this stuff from its supplier to your house and how to install it, you need to hire someone else. But hiring wrong personnel could be your worst nightmare of all. You’ll not just waste your money and time but as well as your efforts. Make sure you’ll get a licensed mover and installer of artificial grass for golf from Australian Synthetic Lawns.

Now that you do have an idea what possible mistakes you may encounter, it would be easier for you to prevent doing them.

Enjoy buying!

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