5 Things You Didn’t Know About Draft Beer Faucets


Beer faucets are one of the most important elements of the draft beer system, they are responsible for beer dispensing. Properly selected and installed tap will save you from leaks and make beer serving more convenient and spectacular.

After reading our article, you will better understand how to choose such equipment and where it is best to buy.

1. How do beer faucets work?

When you press the tap handle on your faucet, compressed carbon dioxide/nitrogen creates pressure that pushes the beer out of the keg into the pipe. The drink then enters the beer line, from where it enters the tap installed on the beer tower.

2. What material is used for production?

Typically, stainless steel or chrome-plated brass is used for production.

You can also find models made of plastic.

3. How many taps can be located on one beer tower?

It depends on how many beer varieties you plan to offer your visitors. So, you can choose a dispenser designed for 1 to 16 taps.

4. What are the models of beer taps?

All beer dispensing taps can be divided into 3 types: standard, European and stout faucets.

The standard model is the most common. It is found both among home brewers and in large industries or large bars.

You can choose a device with a self-closing mechanism, dispensing speed adjustment, front or rear sealant, etc.

European taps are very similar to standard ones. They are distinguished by a long thin spout that reduces the amount of foam in the glass.

And such faucets may have different threads and sizes, so for their correct installation you need to buy some additional parts.

If you are serving stouts, ales, or other nitro varieties, you will need a separate type of faucet. This equipment has a different working principle: there is no rear or front seal in the taps. Like the European ones, stout dispensing devices have rather thin spouts that reduce the rate of dispensing and the amount of foam.

5. Where can you find the best mixers?

If you are looking for quality beer faucets, check out the Beverage Craft range. Here you will find a large selection of standard, European, and nitro faucets with which you will serve beer like a pro!

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