Adaptive Clothing Immobile and Wheelchair Users


Individuals with mobility challenges spend much of their time in wheelchairs and also at the same place. Due to this challenge, they find it difficult to put on the clothes that an average person would wear. The difficulty arises because these people are unable to handle zippers and buttons due to the nature of their immobility. However, there are adaptive clothing designed for the people with such problems which include, inability to move limbs, arthritis or other deformities. Adaptive clothing for wheelchair users allows them to carry out their daily activities easy as these clothing is very comfortable and allow for much flexibility and freedom. These clothes also make the life of caregivers very easy during dressing and undressing.

Some people think that adaptive clothing cannot be fashionable. This thought is wrong because these clothes can be highly fashionable. In fact, customers have the freedom to select a design and a style from the many available models that have an identity in the entire world. Fashion defines us and brings out our personalities. Therefore, if you have a friend, family member or any other person who is physically challenged such that they cannot move freely or spend much of their time in a wheelchair, we are here for you. Don’t worry about what they will wear because, Caring Clothing, provides classy fashion for individuals who use wheelchairs and there are more varieties from which customers can choose. People have an opportunity to select a style of their own. There is more to choose.

What adaptive clothing does is providing solutions like the loop and hook- which are open back solutions. It is one of the design solutions for disabled people that allows them to wear quickly and also undress comfortably. This design provides an alternative to monotonous hospital gowns that most people in wheelchairs are given while at the hospital.

One Caring Clothing is an Australian owned company that provides and delivers the adaptive clothing for wheelchair users. It is also a national disability insurance scheme which supplies the clothing solutions for individuals with physical disabilities. The company does not only provide clothing, but it also offers incontinence aids as well as footwear. All these clothing costs are under the national disability insurance scheme. Caring clothing has the most nicely designed adaptive clothing which features all options which are ideal for individuals leading individual lives such as those in home care, hospitals, and nursing homes.

People who may benefit from these clothing include those that are affected by stroke rendering some of their body parts paralyzed. Those with stiff joints resulting from arthritis. Others include those that are affected by autism condition, Parkinson’s, diabetic people, disabled, and the wheelchair clients.

The products that you will find at Caring Clothing include,

  • footwear- shoes, slippers, non-slip socks,
  • clothing- dignity suits, open back trousers, side opening trousers, polo shirts, poncho’s, open back singlets, onesies, tops (all male and female wear)
  • other items such as hospital clothing- gowns, incontinent aids, and adult bibs

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