All About The Most Feature-Rich Broadband Plan (Entertainment Plan)


If you are on the market for a brand-new broadband service provider, you will come across a wide variety of names and brands. This is inevitable, considering there is quite a demand for good WiFi nowadays. But with so many offerings, how do you really zero-in on a good plan that will meet all your needs?

Well, the best way to go about it is to understand what your requirements are. However, you could also skip the immense toll that researching about WiFi plans take on you, and simply go for Airtel’s Entertainment Xstream broadband plan.

Wondering why we are vouching for Airtel so strongly? Those reasons are listed below.

Get the Airtel Xstream Entertainment WiFi plan @ just ₹999

In case you are looking for Airtel internet plans, then the Xstream Entertainment plan is certainly amongst the best plan that you can get. Here is why it is so feature rich:

Speed up to 200 mbps

At just ₹999 per month, you will get internet speeds that will go as high as 200 mbps. Therefore, this much speed is enough to help you work from home, play online games, watch movies, or stream OTT, and do all of it simultaneously. In addition, you will not really need 200 mbps of internet speed round the clock but having that extra bit of bandwidth will definitely help in the user experience.

Unlimited internet on your WiFi connection

With this WiFi plan, you will get unlimited internet. Therefore, you will no longer have to restrict your internet usage anymore. Want to watch that OTT movie in 4K quality? Do it. After all, why should you lose out on maximum internet, when you have specifically opted for the broadband plan?

Say goodbye to lags

With such great speed and unlimited WiFi, the next concern could be lags. Airtel promises you high speed internet round the clock, which ensures you will now forget what lags are.

Free Airtel WiFi router

When you choose this plan, Airtel will also install a brand-new router for you. Furthermore, it is not just any regular router. Instead, you will get a state of the art, dual band WiFi router that is equally adept at providing you with blazing fast internet speed.

OTT subscription – completely free

Now you can even get OTT subscriptions completely free with this Airtel Xstream plan. Get access to Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video as soon as you get this WiFi plan for yourself. To redeem these benefits, you can download the Airtel Thanks app and get it from there. You will also get Airtel Xstream Premium with this OTT plan.

Wondering how to download Twitter videos, watch reels on Instagram, stream your favourite content creator on YouTube for hours, watch the latest OTT blockbusters and more? – do it all with the Airtel Xstream Entertainment plan.

Connect multiple devices and take your entertainment to the next level with Airtel. Feature rich and economical, this plan ticks all the boxes!

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