All You Need to Know about High Diving


For participants of high adrenaline sports like cliff diving, it is essential to ensure that proper safety precautions are followed, to prevent any untoward incident. According to Gary Hunt a high diving specialist himself, high adrenaline sports thrives on the fact that it is designed to give the sportsperson and the fans situations wherein they can enjoy a thrilling moment, which can be spoilt without proper safety measures.

High diving primarily requires great coordination between the diver and time span for diving. While making the cliff jump both the divers, in case of coordinated diving, must be in perfect tandem. Otherwise it can result in a perilous situation. The high diver manipulates his movement in such a manner that the momentum created allows him to perform aerial acrobatics. High diving is an event that is much watched by enthusiasts in both the Olympics and Commonwealth games. With more and more people beginning to enjoy high adrenaline sports, high diving is also gaining popularity amongst sports enthusiasts.

Some of the unusual features of high or cliff diving are as follows:

  • According to Hunt cliff diving requires strength of nerves. It is essential to remain calm while making the jump from the cliff. Additionally, the diver must be able to withstand the thrust created while making a landing.
  • Hunt also believes that the high diver has to be excellent swimmer. He or she needs to be able to do somersaults in the air before making a landing. The acrobatics not only add to the wonder of the sport, but also provides the high diver an opportunity to score more points. It has been observed that high divers who have managed to do unusual acrobatics and have landed smoothly have received greater number of points.
  • Cliff diving requires greater agility as it is not as secure as diving from a platform on to a swimming pool. Moreover, the unpredictability of the weather, wind direction can make it more difficult for the diver to make the jump. Thus, more agility will make it easier for the diver to make the jump and ensure smooth landing.

Thus, according to Hunt high diving or cliff diving is not a sport that is to be taken lightly. Other than being a high adrenaline sport, it is one that requires great dedication in order to be mastered. Along with being ace swimmers, high divers are gymnasts in their own right. The ability to carry out aerial acrobatics and that too sometimes with a co-diver makes it all the more difficult a game to be become proficient at.

Gary Hunt is a recognised name in the field of high diving. Hunt was born on June 11th, 1984. He has successfully represented England in the Commonwealth Games and went on to win the third position in the year 2006. Hunt is presently the reigning Cliff Diving champion, based on the 2015 edition of the World Cliff Diving Series. Hunt is an ardent sportsperson dedicated to making high diving a world renowned sport.

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