Annual Maintenance for Your Vehicle


The best way to keep your car in good condition is to have it checked annually for complications. Most areas require an inspection each year to legally drive the car. You can easily get your maintenance done at the same time. This may include fluid additions or changes, a tire rotation, or a battery check. Take your car to a trusted technician to have these things done.

Make the Appointment

When you go to make the appointment for your MOT in Hamilton, be sure the mechanic has time to complete other maintenance, as well. Call ahead and let them know that you would like to have your oil changed or other repairs done at the same time. This way, an appropriate time slot can be held open for you. If further repairs are found to be necessary, most garages can make time on the same day if you are willing to wait.

  • Call ahead
  • Plan for the cost of maintenance
  • Specify the need for an MOT


The various fluids in your car play an important role in how your car runs. If you do not keep the proper amount of clean oil in your car, the engine can burn up. Check the oil regularly and change it after driving 3,000 miles. Your engine depends on these fluids to remain in good condition. They may even need to be checked several times throughout the year if you drive a lot.

You can easily keep your car healthy when you pay attention to the basic needs of a vehicle. Annual inspections can keep your vehicle in good legal standing and will also help you notice when repairs need to be done. When you catch problems early, they may be less costly to fix.



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