Bag it up


Sling Bag

A sling bag is a bag like a backpack but smaller in size and with a single strap that is worn over one shoulder across the torso.

Sling bags are the most common bags and are the most versatile also they look graceful on many occasions when paired correctly. A sling bag can be taken with a traditional outfit like with a saree and can also be paired with your casual outfits.

A sling bag helps in putting less weight on your shoulder and divides the weights from your shoulder to your hip or back area avoiding the overuse of your shoulder and neck area, it is when you take the bag diagonally across your torso.

Easy to carry and Carry with ease

Sling bags are very versatile and stable. A sling bag is very comfortable to carry even you are on a long journey with that they also provide the benefit of carrying with ease. You can put all your required things and it will always be easy to reach and just by your side. They carry the advantage of a backpack and messenger bag. It is always easier to carry your belongings in a sling bag. Though they are not designed for that heavy load they are there for balance, easy movement, and easy access.


You call it women’s best friend and you will not be wrong. A handbag is something without which a woman is not complete. As you have to carry your belongings and we woman do have a few so we need a handbag. Carrying all those essential items a handbag in itself is very essential.

You go for the design, you go for the color, you go for the style, you go for the look but the most important aspect always is space, does it fulfill your need for space for the given occasion.

So, after thinking about the dress, the make-up, the jewelry the thing that comes up on your mind is a handbag for women as in which one will go with the occasion and the dress.

For Everywhere and Anywhere

A handbag is what you need when you are going to the office, or for a party, maybe for shopping or a casual outing. A handbag is one thing you will always need.

Match it up!

A handbag is a necessity but with necessity, style cannot be missed. You need to match your handbag according to the occasion. A casual outing will need a different bag than what you are taking for an official meeting. Then you also need to match it to your outfit choose a color which suits all or choose a color for the day and match it up.

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