Benefits Of Using Various Types Of Valet Parking Supplies


Commercial establishments with vast parking needs require a variety of valet parking supplies to run things smoothly. Valet podiums are one of the most important of them and can make all the difference between running things efficiently or in a haphazard manner.

Valet Podiums

Valet podiums are the perfect choice for airports, hotels, parking garages, hospitals, restaurants and other venues where valet parking is offered. They will usually have casters that ensure ease of mobility. Some of the designs also allow additions and inserts for signage and umbrellas for more versatility. Valet podiums will typically have slide out drawers and shelves for providing ample amount of storage.

Some of the main features of the best valet podiums include:

  • Made from high-strength materials, mostly steel frames.
  • Long-lasting powder coating for protection and looks.
  • Key lock systems to prevent tampering.
  • Front opening doors for simpler organization.

Valet Key Vaults

Valet key vaults help in providing well organized and secure key storage for withstanding different types of environments. You could attach them to walls or use them as freestanding units.

Some of the features of quality valet key vaults are as following:

  • Made from heavy gauge, high strength steel frame.
  • Powder coating finish for long lasting looks and protection against wear.
  • Portable design.
  • Available in key lock or keyless entry lock systems for preventing unauthorized access.
  • Different types of mounting configurations for easy installation.

Plywood-Core Podiums

Some of the valet podiums are designed with plywood core that helps in adding a lot of sturdiness. These valet parking supplies are available in various sizes and designs. They will usually have durable laminate finish designed to last long.

Stainless Steel Valet Podiums

Stainless steel valet podiums are also highly durable and feature elegant designs, especially on the side facing customers. Many of them feature rounded edges to provide protection to everyone around it.

One of the advantages of stainless steel podiums is that they can be used outdoors and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Moisture, heat, sunlight, other elements cannot damage them.

When choosing the right podium, look for something that offers the perfect combination of durability and looks. It should also have enough room for accommodating large number of keys, especially depending on the volume of your operations. Additional features can include design for inserts, recessed handles, and tip box slot within the drawer among others.

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