Did you ever want to spy on someone without them knowing? Maybe you are suspicious of your partner’s behavior or your kids seem to be going out a lot lately. Of course, their phone is the best way to know the truth. If only, you could get your hands on it. But, don’t you worry! There are different ways in which keep an eye on their call logs, messages, etc. without them knowing and store all the information on your phone.

There are many cell phone tracker applications available which can be used to spy on someone’s phone activities. They have range of features and options to choose from to suit your requirements. These cell phone tracker apps serve the purpose of giving you any information you need from the target’s phone. Thus, they make it easier to keep tabs on your closed ones.

Here are the 5 best cell phone tracker apps available reviewed, rated, and loved by all.


This is probably the best cell phone tracker app available in the market because of its extremely useful and has diverse features. mSpy is compatible with Iphone and Android. For iPhones, you can use this application with and without jailbreak. mSpy provided you with premium and basic versions. The basic version will include many things like automatic software updates, monitoring of SMS and MMS, calls, emails and browsing history. However, the premium version will bring a whole new spying experience on the table. mSpy is especially known for social media messaging tracking. You can easily track someone’s WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook.

Highster Mobile

This application allows you to keep tabs on your partner, kids, employees, etc. without anyone knowing. It can be used on all Android devices 2.1 or higher, both rooted and unrooted. It also works for Iphone devices. This application has made tracking someone’s phone a piece of cake. It is famous for its exquisite control panel which allows you to monitor the target phone, develop time triggers and much more. You will get full control of the target device and its activities once you install the application. Remember, to install it you will need the physical access of the target phone for a couple of minutes.


This application is available on all devices. It is the most practical spy application available but requies jailbreaking in iPhone and rooting for Android to work properly. It has the whole package to track someone’s phone or tablet. You can easily find the target phone’s location, messages, call logs, passwords and much more. The best thing about this application is that its activity will be hidden and undetectable. The only downside is that it takes too long to install.


This application which is compatible with IOS, Blackberry and Android phones is mainly focused on parent’s desire to keep tabs on their kids. However, the application can’t be hidden on the target phone which is a major downside. The best feature of this app is the “Panic Mode Button” which lets you know that the person of the target phone is in danger. In that respect, it is practical choice and serves it purpose.


This application also helps in keeping your kids safe. Its features are easily accessible and can be used with ease. Like most applications, iKeyMonitor can be used on Android and iPhone devices. Furthermore, you don’t have to be technician to use this app. The best feature to use this application is that you get 3 day free trial. After that, the subscription and payment options are flexible.

These are the best spy application. You can choose any of them at your leisure. They all serve their purpose and will not leave you with any complaints. So, choose wisely and make sure your loved ones are safe and protected!

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