Blake Dettwiler and his Contribution for the Society’s Developments


In the modern cityscapes, there is already a mad rush for space. While many people are bothered about the reducing size and booming prices for land, many others are worried about the reduction in the green spaces around. Indeed, it is a matter of great concern that in a bid to have all the remaining open space for building skyscrapers and commercial buildings, developers are leaving no stone unturned. They are not sparing a thought for the children and their future. There are very few green parks around any big city and it is also one of the reasons that there are many complexes and societies that ensure that there are green parks, albeit small but still present inside the campus. Blake Dettwiler, the assistant director of land development in Sandy Springs society, works towards improving the society’s landscape and even work for developing a model for the community to follow suit.

Why working for society is important?

Today, there are working people who are very busy to think about their contribution to the society and then there are people like Blake Dettwiler who know that unless you contribute to the society, in some way, you are not leading life like a responsible citizen.

There are different needs of a locality like the setting up of parks, or cleaning up of the neighborhood or even setting up of street lights and of course, patrolling the society’s roads at night to ensure that there is no burglary.

When a person starts putting in his best towards the community, others join him and this is why it is essential to make the first move.

Parks are necessary and then there are also specific joggers parks and dog parks that are as essential. Only then, everyone in the society shall be able to understand the significance of maintaining the green space. Children need the space for playing games with friends and for their entertainment, what better options could be than to have swings, seesaws, and monkey bars? All these items are necessary in the parks and every society should have these.

A Responsible society for responsible citizens:

Citizens like Blake Dettwiler, who understand the value of green parks and open spaces, shall even encourage conservancy and areas where local flowers shall grow. A knowledgeable botanist shall take care of this part, he shall even be able to make the children, and adults love these flowers and learn about them. In the present world, when the parents complain that their children hardly leave the ground, and that they do not communicate with other children well, then it is time that they have such parks and open spaces just so that they meet children of their age and interact with them openly.

Parents shall also encourage the children to take part in activities for the development of the society and help them to become responsible citizens of the future. This is the only way for each individual to play a vital role in society’s development.

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