Changes You Must Make in Your 2017 SEO Campaign


A little while back, Google decided to change the algorithms used to rank web sites. This huge change has created a lot of issues for most business websites. It made them reconsider their current SEO campaigns and change their approach. For all business organizations that focus a lot of their incentives online, and on their website, developing potent SEO strategies is more important than ever.

Business organizations need to rank their websites high in order to get organic traffic, which is the foundation of having a strong online presence. With good rankings, your website can be the catalyst that drives all of your other online channels forward, helps you improve your branding, increases sales, reach more customers and brings you a lot of money.

Given the fact that SEO carries such great importance, let’s see what you need to do to make sure your campaign is effective in 2017 as well.

User experience has become an important factor

Similarly to how the rules for SEO have changed, the importance of user experience has also become so great that it now matters even when talking about SEO. Yes, you read that right,SEO and UX are now tightly connected and there is proof that shows that search results are directly related to website responsiveness, website speed, compatibility, optimization and other important factors that affect the user’s experience on a website.

It’s not only about this, and marketing departments of modern enterprises will also have to take care of some other UX factors including well-built content structure and coherent internal linking. In the past, when someone was building a website he or she needed to optimize it for the search engine and for future users in a separate fashion.

This lead to a lot of manipulations and conflict of interest, but now, Google has decided to tie these two closely and you cannot expect to rank your website high unless people feel pleasant on it. Make sure that your website is fully optimized and updated if you want to do great SEO in 2017.

Doing keyword research is more important than ever

There are some of those who even say that keyword research is no longer important. Well, no wonder their SEO campaigns end up providing little to no results. Keyword research has only become more complex and sophisticated and not everyone can do this properly and easily like before. Most of the searches which people do are actually synonyms which are related to the main keywords, but not those exact ones, and this is where it all gets tricky.

Google needs to be able to recognize the words which people are searching and direct them in the right way, even if those words are synonyms. This has led to Google taking into account the intent of searches and not just looking at the keywords that were typed into a certain search. This means that the whole search process has now taken the form of a “conversation.”

These brand new changes have led to new methods for finding the right keywords and now SEO marketers need to collaborate more closely with their editorial teams, so that they can develop good topics that are interesting to their target audience, but on the other hand, they also must find a way to design inclusive content which covers all the relevant things that users might be searching for.

Social networks are still very valuable

Social media was always and still is one of the most important factors for creating an effective marketing campaign, and SEO is no different than any other marketing technique. But now, the importance is even greater, since a recent study has shown that Google is now paying attention to social media as well when ranking websites. It’s been proven that the signals sent to Google from social media are a direct factor for ranking a website.

This means that companies need to be disciplined with their SEO strategy more than ever. Both the SEO optimization and keywords for which a website is being ranked need to match those same things on social media as well. This is a clear sign to build social networks in the most professional way and make sure that all of the content from a certain website is similarly backed with social media.

These are the major changes you must be aware of when creating your SEO strategy for 2017. In the end, make sure that you work on your campaign regularly and consistently. It still takes a lot of time for an SEO campaign to bring the best results possible. Make sure that you find the best SEO services out there and hire people who are up-to-date and know the latest trends in SEO.

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