Cooking Simulator Tips & Tricks – Play like a True Chef!


Whether you’re an expert or a beginner in the cooking field, Cooking Simulator is an exciting way to enhance your cooking skills.  For Cooking Simulator fan like you, this article has prepared tips and tricks to play the game like a true chef!

Cooking Simulator is one of the most relaxing games that deals with multitasking, preparing, cleaning, cooking, and time management. Aside from that, you’ll experience a lifelike cooking experience, all the ingredients are present and will respond to your actions. You can change the temperature, food appearance, and even taste. Once you learn the basics and the mechanics, you’ll see yourself enjoying the game and at the same time, you learn about how to cook real foods.

Excited enough to play this game like a pro for free? Download Cooking Simulator free here and follow all the instruction there. So without further ado, below are some tips and tricks on how you can play the game like a true chef!

  1. Time Management

One of the most important steps in all simulation game is to learn how to use the time effectively. You must remember that each food will be placed and prepared differently. You need to follow the right steps in preparing the foods, from its cutting pattern down to plating.

Reminder, prep time is usually not enough to get things done, but somehow there are skills provided where you can unlock to extend your time while doing some chores.

  1. Use of the Broth and Water

You can use the sink’s context view while holding a container and fill up to 1 liter for boiled potatoes and 1.3 liters for duck broth. Salting the water is crucial, so don’t forget this step!

  1. Don’t Throw Unnecessary Stuff

You may use cutting boards for seasonings. And if ever you mess it up, you can click once on the trash can while holding the container or the trashed food. Don’t you ever pour some liquids on the sink! This will only bring a big mess in your kitchen. Besides, the fewer the spills the better, and most likely the less you have to clean. Always use the trash bin!

  1. Make Large Portions of the Ingredients

Apparently, Cooking Simulator doesn’t spoil any food right now, so it’s your chance to make the most out of it. Double up your spices and recipes, always prepare for an extra. You may cut a half loaf of bread, and start creating gazpacho per batch. Bring a big container with you and placed all the extra ingredients in it.

  1. Practice Multitasking

Always remember to pick up your spices and seasonings once and use them on multiple dishes on your plates. DO NOT use the salt on one dish when you have another dish that needs salt. Be more efficient, this can also apply during the preparation and cleaning time.

This is the end of the Cooking Simulator tips and tricks, just follow what was mentioned above and this will surely help you throughout the game, so jot them down and try it now!  To find more information about Cooking Simulator just click the link. Have fun chefs!



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