Creative Wedding Reception Ideas


A wedding reception is an important occasion in more ways than we can imagine. Most importantly it is the first time the married couple is actually “receiving” guests. It is a monumental occasion and should be marked as such. However, many newlyweds over-think it, and instead of turning it intosomething special, which it ultimately should be, they make it a mess. This is why we have decided to provide a few simple ideas to make the wedding reception a smooth ride with creative touches that might create an everlasting memory through memorable wedding photography, for you and your invitees.

Famous event planner, Sasha Souza introduces a relatively low-cost way of making an impact on your guests by showing them just how strong your bonds are by creating a “Walk Down Memory Lane”. The plan is simple, your guests have a chance to walk among your dearest memories turned into wedding photography ( e.g. ) pictures that they may view as they are moving to their respective seats and later while mingling. It is a fun cocktail party ice-breaker for everyone as they can take a leisurely stroll and pictures of you and them which allows for reminiscing and socialising.

The custom of guest favours is well known and practiced wide and far. However, why should you settle for the vanilla approach when you can gift your guests with a modern, pretty paperback! According to wedding planner Bussen, Pablo Neruda has proven to be the most popular romantic poet quoted on weddings and thus gifting pretty paperback editions of his books to your guests will leave a lasting impression on them. Don’t forget to buy them in bulk and ask for a discount! In addition, you might add a personalized bookmark to round things up. They can also take photos and it is a perfect choice for wedding photography.

I have a sweet tooth and I assume that most people who are invited for a wedding reception most certainly do so too! New York event planner Shawn Rabideau has taken the idea of a fudge station and turned it into a cupcake making station! This allows your guests to engage in a fun buffet where everyone creates their own desert to their liking! Oreos on a chocolate buttercream cupcake topped off with cream cheese will not stay a fantasy forever! This is sure to bring out the kid in everyone, make sure to capture the joy of the moment in some fine wedding photography.!

Finally, we don’t want to leave out outdoor wedding venues. As the evening creeps up, most of our guests will be tired or rather they will be out of ideas. This is where campfire stories come in! Yes, you’ve heard that right, having several campfire stations and lounges will allow your guests and you to sit down around a fire in a more intimate way and enjoy marshmallows and campfire talk. Some acoustic guitarists won’t hurt either and it is a perfect setting for wedding photography.

I hope that our suggestions will bring a creative twist that will make your wedding reception stand out with amazing chances for wedding photography. We wish you all the best and make sure to create fond memories for your guests and yourself.

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