Do Juveniles Need Prison or Reform?


There is a lot of heated debate over the issue as to whether a juvenile needs prison or reform. These young criminal offenders are sensitive and they fall prey to illicit activities till caught. When it comes to their trial and justice, most people in society claim that they should be jailed for life but it this the right solution?

Juvenile delinquency and its solutions

Criminal justice experts like Adam Quirk in the USA say that when it comes to juvenile delinquency, most youngsters are influenced. They may have very strong emotions that lead them to crime. As young people they learn from society. When they see an elder taking drugs, committing a murder etc, they regard such crimes to be okay and natural to do. They lack the care, compassion and guidance. Some of them are so poor that they may indulge into criminal activities primarily for two square meals a day. Yes the crime committed is grave but who is to blame?

The need for reform

Juvenile justice needs to be managed and tackled in a sensitive manner and it is here that reforms play a very important role. The Government has the sole responsibility of protecting children and bringing them back to the right path. They do not have to be locked away all their lives. Psychological experts suggest that the brain development in human beings does not stop at 20 years. It may go on till the age of 24 or 25 years. This means the power of logic and reasoning as to what is right and what is wrong does not lie with these young people. It is the need of the day for responsible professionals to step in and help these young people come back to the right path.

Most young criminal offenders are aware of the crime they commit and guilty at being swayed. The crime does hit their consciousness and they do wish to reform themselves. This is indeed a very good sign and the first step towards positive growth.

The attitude of community and society

When it comes to the attitude of the community and society, they should be compassionate to these young offenders. They do not deserve to waste the remaining years of their lives in jail. The people in society should be a part of the reform process and help these young offenders come back to a decent life. They should be educated and trained in various skills in reform programs so that when they return back as reformed adults, they do not need to take recourse to crime.

Adam Quirk sums up by saying that it is important for adults and professionals to guide and support the youth of the nation and not sway them towards criminal intent. This may sound hard but it is not difficult to achieve. Professionals like teachers and family members should guide and support the child into standing up for what is wrong. It is only in this manner that the crime committed by young people can reduce!

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