Do you consider a home Doppler to be a safe device?


First few weeks or months of pregnancy can be a nervy affair, especially if you have had a history of miscarriages in the past. The moment a would be mother feels the first kicks of a baby insider they become relaxed. Now what would be the case in the first few months when a baby is not in a position to kick? In the last few years a home Doppler has become a popular device. A pregnant woman relies on the use of it for assurance. The heart of a baby forms at an early stage, but around 10 to 12 weeks you might be able to figure out fetal Doppler safety is considered to be an important device.

Do you consider use of home Doppler’s to be safe?

In a Doppler , high frequency waves are send out which makes an entry on to the body and then to your baby. Till date no study indicates that ultrasound is harmful for a developing baby. But still to cut down on the risks health care experts suggest using ultrasound in a sparing manner as far as possible. Once you reach towards the end of pregnancy counting of kicks helps you to figure out whether the baby is thriving or alive.

A study did however showcase a loophole associated with a home Doppler. A woman who did feel that the baby was moving less tried a home Doppler and thought everything was fine. But when an emergency ultrasound was conducted it had a different picture to reveal. The heartbeat of a baby was not there and it was found that the mother mistook her sound with that of the baby.

The main loophole with a home Doppler is that parents can misinterpret their own sound with that of the baby. They are numerous sounds going on in the body and it is difficult to ascertain heartbeat of your baby.

The drawbacks of a home Doppler

You can mistake your own body sounds with that of a baby’s. In case if you do not hear the sound beats of your baby you could stress yourself as well. If you do not hear the heart beats it does not mean that heart of the baby has stopped. They could find themselves in a strange position where it is difficult to heart the heart beat or a probe could be in wrong direction.

Still do you need to buy one?

If you are over anxious and are really stressed out, and this is the period prior to 12 weeks, till the moment you are able to figure out baby kicks it is worthy to opt for a home Doppler. Use of it should be undertaken at a sparingly level. In case if you are still planning to purchase one sees it that it confers to the FDA standards. Before use go through the instructions in a proper manner.

Discuss with your doctor in case if you are planning to purchase one.

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