Driving Safety: How to Deal with a Puncture


You may be surprised to hear that a lot of new cars on the market don’t come with full-size spare tyres, many only have run-flat tyres or puncture repair kits. If you’ve damaged your tyre and it has suffered a puncture, you’ll need to get it to a local service garage as soon as possible. If you’ve run into trouble around East Essex, you should get yourself to Bexhill-on-Sea tyres for a replacement. Driving around with a faulty tyre is dangerous, if you’ve experienced a puncture, take note of these points.

  • Pull over the moment you notice a flat tyre.
  • Don’t continue driving, the car will pull to one side, making staying straight difficult.
  • Driving on a flat can also cause structural damage.
  • A flat tyre affects your performance as a driver.
  • Replace the tyre with a spare and immediately visit a mechanic.

If you fail to change a flat or damaged tyre in a timely manner it can cause a range of serious issues such as damage to your suspension, brake line failure or serious wheel damage. Instead of paying for a new tyre you’ll have to fork out hundreds to resolve the issue.

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Changing a Tyre

To get to a mechanic, you’ll either have to call for a tow truck or change the tyre. If you feel confident enough to change the tyre, make sure you do so in a safe setting. Move all passengers away from the vehicle before you start, put down a hazard warning triangle and wear a high visibility vest.












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