Everything You Need To Know About A Wedding Shower


Couples planning to get wed often faces the worries of planning a wedding shower. Who should you invite? When should you hold it? How to do it? Discover everything you need to know here.

What is a wedding shower?

This is a pre-wedding celebration in honor of the bride and groom. It is an opportunity for guests to give gifts to the couple and help them start a new life together. This has been going on as a tradition for over a long period of time. Types of gifts vary and have different factors considered.

Who hosts the wedding shower?

It is usually hosted by the bridesmaids, the mother of the groom, or other close female relatives. Communication is important. It will ensure that you are not planning two separate wedding showers.

Who should you invite?

You should limit the guest list to people who will attend the wedding itself. It usually includes the bride and groom’s parents and siblings. Some close relatives and a few very close friends are often invited, too.

When to hold the wedding shower?

The wedding shower is usually held between three months and two weeks before the wedding day. Plan ahead so you can choose a date that is convenient for all parties involved including the guests. You can decide to hold it together with an out-of-town trip or another party. An afternoon wedding shower sounds perfect. And then a bachelor and bachelorette party in the evening will be stunning. Be certain that the bride has put together a wedding registry. The bride should do this before the invitations get mailed out. This will ensure that guests can buy gifts for the newlyweds.

When to give out the invitations?

Invitations should be out four to six weeks before the scheduled wedding shower. Do not forget to put the names of the bride and the groom, the date, the time, and the location. Include registry information, a way to RSVP, and the names of whoever is hosting.

Where to hold the shower?

The location of the wedding shower depends on a lot of things. This includes the convenience to all guests. It also depends on the type of shower and the host’s budget. It can be in a friend’s or a relative’s garden, at a local events venue, or a restaurant.

What happens at a wedding shower?

You can stick to traditional stuff like a few games, food and drinks. The bride and groom can open their gifts surrounded by the guests while having chips or whatever. A wedding shower sometimes has a theme. A tea party will be relaxing for both the host and the guests. A spa themed party is also one of the most favored. You can prefer to open the gifts after the party and focus on the fun together with your guests.

Are gifts required?

Wedding shower guests generally bring gifts but they are not required. Guests usually gift the couple with items they can use as newlyweds. This often includes sets of plates and utensils or a bedding set. Guests sometimes give fun gifts to make the bride and the groom laugh. This is great when you intend to relieve the stress before the big day.

Confusion and tension build up as your wedding day comes near. Careful planning and execution will lead to a successful celebration. No matter how perfect our wedding may seem to be, sometimes it does not lead to a happy marriage. Divorce attorneys in San Antonio can help you move forward once you feel that you need to end your marriage.

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