Explore Labuan Bajo Island and Komodo National Park


A visit to Indonesia would be incomplete without a visit to the Komodo National Park and the beautiful Labuan Bajo Island. Situated in Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo is the entrance port and a town that offers many activities and amazing places to explore. The opening of the komodo airport in 2015 put this small but incredibly beautiful town on the map and now people from all over the world visit it in droves to enjoy its beauty. A few days touring Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park will have you experience the diversity of the island from nature, the local community, great food from an excellent Labuan Bajo hotel like Ayana-Komodo Resort.

Things to do

From Bali, Labuan Bajo is only one-hour flight away and it is a place filled with things to do that you will have a single boring day. Below are some of the thongs to do while you are on a tour of this beautiful town and the Komodo National Park.

·        Mingle with the local community

Even though in the last few years the number of tourists visiting the town has increased, the locals still look surprised every time they see visitors. However this does not make them act differently and they are always ready to wave, smile and even converse with the visitors. You may even get a chance to learn a few Indonesian words because they will want to answer all your questions in their language.

While at it, visit the local markets to enjoy local fish and other local seafood selections. The fish is fresh and very affordable and the people serve it with a smile. After finishing with the market, take a bike ride around the villages to discover many other secret viewpoints of Komodo.

·        Eat at some of the best komodo hotels

Labuan Bajo boasts of having some of the best hotels in Komodo. An example of these is Ayana-Komodo Resort among many others. You can enjoy local dishes and any international recipe prepared by experienced and professional chefs. Majority of the komodo hotels have excellent ambience and you will enjoy dining with the view of the ocean and under the beautiful Komodo sunsets.

·        Take a walk along the beaches

Komodo has some of most beautiful sandy beaches in Indonesia. Along the beach, you will also find many small sand islands that pop out of nowhere and disappear as soon as the tides get high. The view of the ocean is very clear from the beach and you can see all the colourful marine life that brings the ocean to life. If you want to learn more about what is underwater, you can arrange with your guide to go snorkelling. Also check out for diving sites and enjoy a dive from very strategic points all across different spots in the island.

·        Go see the Komodo dragon

If you thought that the Komodo dragon is a just a tale, then you are wrong. The Komodo dragon actually exists and you can see it at the komodo national park. The dragons roamed the island way before humans did and their numbers keep increasing. The giant lizards are about 10 feet long and they rule the park and other Indonesian islands. If you leave komodo without seeing these dragons, then your trip will not feel complete.

Wrapping it up

Komodo Island and the komodo national park offer visitors a lot of adventure. The landscape and the beauty of nature come together to give the place a paradise like look. The amenities found in many of the hotels in the island are worth every penny you spend. Komodo Island has it all- a mixture of blue, white and pink.

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