Facts about Mysterious Black Pearls and Tips to Wear Them


Black pearls are beauties available in different shape, size and overtones. These are available in three types – Akoya black pearls, Freshwater black pearls and Tahitian black pearls. Moreover, black pearls are natural or treated. Its value is based on factors like luster, size, color, surface quality, nacre thickness and roundness.

Tahitian black pearl jewelry looks lustrous and available in many black shades. Color is genuine without any treatment, so are expensive. The Akoya and Freshwater pearls are treated to copy the black color, so are affordable options.

Rarity of black pearls

Amongst the freshwater and Akoya black treated pearls only Tahitian pearls are natural. Therefore, they are very rare. Well-rounded Tahitian pearls are hard to find. On the other hand, Akoya and Freshwater pearls undergo treatments, so are accessible easily.

Where do black pearls come from?

Tahitian pearls are exclusively obtained from Tahiti and French Polynesian islands. Akoya pearls come from Japan’s water and Freshwater pearls are found in the rivers and lakes of China.

Black pearls meaning

  • According to Polynesian legend, Oro God of peace and fertility Offered Princess Bora Bora a black pearl.
  • Today, black pearl gifted to your loved ones denotes eternal love.
  • In Chinese culture pearl symbolizes wisdom.
  • Black pearl meaning is connected with protection, wealth & prosperity, allure, strength, mystery and independence.

Black pearl meaning can be interpreted in multiple ways or the one you feel close to your feelings.

How to pick Tahitian black pearl necklace?

Always choose small or mi-sized pearls, unless you desire to make a bold statement.  In general, Tahitian black pearl necklace will look amazing on ladies with olive to fair skin. A rule of thumb is to choose color that don’t blend with your skin…. Choose contrasts!

  • For dark skin, choose rich, deep colors.
  • For medium skin tone, opt for shades of blue or brown.
  • For olive skin, colors like brown or green will be best.
  • For fair skin, dark green, peach and navy color will help to accentuate your rosy hue.

Outfit suggestions

  • Black pearl necklace will look stunning with strapless black dress as they are epitome of luxury.
  • A Black Pearls are perfect for matured women highlighting their natural elegance wearing black jumpsuit for a casual event.
  • Super bright yellow colored top helps to pop up the black pearl bracelet you wear on your wrist.
  • Red and black contrast is ageless combination, which sparks attention. A red dress or blazer is a gorgeous outfit option with a black pearl drop earring.

Try these black beauties!

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