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Millions of tourists and travelers are opting for vacation rental accommodations over hotel rooms as an ideal way for them to spend their relaxing and budget-friendly holiday. In comparisons to booking a hotel room, these rentals offer holidaymakers distinct amenities and services at affordable prices along with a homely ambience. Moreover, in terms of privacy, vacation rentals are a class apart in the tourism and hospitality industry. To ensure that their customers come back for more, many vacation houses in popular tourist destinations are also offering them premier services in the form of pre-arrival groceries and competent in-house chefs.

For people who are not aware of the developments in the hospitality and tourism industry, a vacation rental house refers to a residential accommodation in popular holiday destination that is currently vacant. In an effort to supplement their incomes, the owners of these buildings rent out the house to tourists who a looking for affordable place to stay that provides them with a homely atmosphere.  Brian Ferdinand is a prominent industry professional who helps tourists, travelers and holidaymakers to book the right vacation rental that meets their distinct needs and budget.  In the hospitality industry, he along with his team of vacation experts is the first choice among travelers and tourists when come to rent an appropriate accommodation for their vacations.

Before making his mark in the tourism and hospitality industry as vacation rental expert, Brian Ferdinand was a prominent business consultant in America with fifteen years of experience under his belt. Even today, Brian Ferdinand Liquid Holdings specialists are still popular in the American corporate world and their popularity extends to helping customers plan their short-term vacations on a shoestring budget.

These experts explain the popularity of vacation house among holidaymakers is because of the following important reasons:


In comparison to most hotels and resorts found in popular tourist destinations, vacation rentals offer their clients a greater degree of privacy and security during their stay.

Private Amenities

For people looking for a relaxing holiday far from the hustle and bustle of daily urban life, these rental accommodations are in a separate league in terms of generous and special amenities.


For holidaymakers travelling with their families, vacation properties offer larger living spaces in comparison to most rooms available in hotels and resorts in major holiday hotspots.

Multiply bedrooms and bathrooms

In the case of rental properties, parents and children on vacation are able have separate bedrooms for themselves along with two or more bathrooms instead of all the family members staying in one room in a hotel.

Authentic Experience

For tourists looking to mingle with the local population and experience their unique ambience, vacation rental house are their first choice.

The professionals of the Brian Ferdinand business team are a group of reliable, trustworthy and creditable consultants who understand the salient needs of their clients when it comes to finding appropriate accommodation for their vacation. With their guidance, it is possible for tourists and holidaymakers to get to right vacation rental that suits their requirement without burning their pockets unnecessarily.

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