Influence of KODO Design on Mazda Models


When engineers design a car, their final aim is always to make something that will never fail to deliver an exciting drive, be it from the perspective of the driver or the passengers. The act of designing starts with framing something that will allure each and every soul and will go easy on their personality. Mazda especially has always been unique on this regard. Each and every model lineup of Mazda has the ability to make a strong appeal to your senses, while the design speaks the language we understand and believe in. The emotional response every Mazda car is able to bring out from you however has an interesting fact to share. And that story is what we have heard from a reliable source at the Chandler Mazda dealership.

What we learned is about the KODO design theory that has an immense impact in the design motto of Mazda, from its head to toe and from inside to outside.

KODO Stands as the Soul of Motion for Mazda

KODO is the Japanese term that is based on the philosophy of design that assigns a Soul to the Motion. It is all about creating a feeling of motion, even when a car is stationary. KODO allows the designers to embed their own personal attributes in the design while staying in tune with a single theme unifying all the aspects.

The Clay Play

At this era of computer-graphics induced design, the engineers are much more benefited by the technology where they can render 3D models to a level of accuracy that wasn’t that easy to achieve earlier.

But at Mazda, the process of designing starts with a ball of clay. The designers at Mazda needs to have played well in their childhood with enough of clays, and if you are among them, you have a golden chance to join the team. With this clay, the engineers draft a shape until the final shape reveals prominently. Once this level is achieved, it is then that they go ahead with collaborating this design with digitization. This is a tradition that Mazda follows while it doesn’t leave out the advantages of the digital world and bring the best of both worlds in their design.

The Indulgent Interior

The best part of KODO is that, it isn’t only to be applied for the exterior body. The philosophy is complete enough in itself to prompt you with ideas to enrich the interiors as well. At Mazda dealership Chandler, we were shown how anyone who visits the dealership and gets to see the models can’t hold back the desperate urge to drive it once.

That is also because each Mazda model has its own way of alluring you into its Interior cabin, wherein the designers got a golden opportunity to showcase their accomplishment of creating an enveloping zone of comfort. The designers at Mazda take great pride of the way they frame the interior. Finally every Mazda cabin gets an intuitively placed controls and a pleasing set of materials to touch.

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