It’s Time to Invest in Mobility


Newport is home to a large population of elderly and disabled individuals and many of these men and women have difficulty with mobility, even in their own homes. To get around this struggle, some resort to simply moving into retirement villages where they may receive help from aides when needed but they may yet be put off for years to come if some simple changes are made in the home. It is not enough that you receive relief from the pain and discomfort associated with mobility issues but you should be able to rely on the technology in your home to offer this relief without any effort on your part beyond simply flipping a switch.


Rise and recliner chairs from Recliner Chair Centre are the innovation of the future in regards to mobility in Newport and this is your chance to enjoy the simple act of standing, sitting, and reclining without undue pain in your joints or muscles. These chairs raise up to meet you so that you need not do all of the work just to sit down and then they will gently and carefully lift you back up so that standing is simple and free of discomfort. This added support may allow you to enjoy more independence within the home as well as offer you the chance to be more comfortable during naps, time in front of the TV, and other activities.

An electric rise and recliner chair from Recliner Chair Centre will offer a variety of positions depending on your unique needs, no matter if you want to put your feet up to read a novel or watch a few programmes. The ability to fully recline for relaxing or sleeping and much more is as simple as turning the switch and setting the chair to your desired position. These amazing mobility chairs make your life in Newport less stressful and may allow you to remain in the home that you love for just a while longer before you must move into a retirement facility.


In addition to simply being incredibly comfortable, these chairs allow you to enjoy a wide range of benefits to your health and general wellbeing. People who may find it difficult to stand or sit unaided due to back pain or swollen legs benefit greatly from this chair because the feet can easily be elevated and the back can rest with less work to do. The seat of this recliner will evenly distribute weight so as to relieve pressure on muscles and joints and to offer some support in your posture.

For those who must remain seated for long periods of time or who choose to do so, the ability to adjust the position can promote better blood flow. For those with high blood pressure or who are at risk of clotting, the ability to easily adjust your position at certain time intervals will allow you to reduce the risks posed by remaining still for long stretches of time. The results will be an easier, more comfortable state of being as you enjoy your Newport home.

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