Know-how of Your free Credit Score Ranking


Three major credit reporting agencies in the USA have been enabled by the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) to issue a credit report to the individuals annually. The companies Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion play a vital role by gathering all the relevant information and accommodating them in the credit report to calculate and then generate the credit score. Receiving the reports and analyzing them is no rocket science but one that needs a little bit of understanding and knowledge about your payment history. To gain a complete understanding, you may also visit the websites of the credit bureaus. A credit report contains an individual’s personal information, employment history, payments history, and Loans history, mortgage loan accounts, revolving accounts, installment accounts and inquiries. Your credit report does not necessarily show the credit scoreunless you request for it specifically visit here.

How is a Credit Score calculated in your Free Credit Report?

A credit score ranges from about 300 to 850 approximately. The higher the scores in an individual’s report, the better the ranking one attains. A scorewhich is higher than 725 is considered to be good and is widely accepted by the financial lending companies. 720 is the minimumaccepted score while anything less than 600 is supposedto be poor. Scores ranging from 750 to 850 are regardedas the best credit scores across the United States.

A good credit score depends on the following accepts:

  1. 35% of the credit payment history. If there is any discrepancy like late payment, bankruptcies, penalties, etc., it is shown up here.
  2. Debt-credit ratio should be lower. The higher it goes, the lesser is your score. This account for 30% of your credit score.
  3. 15% of the score accounts to your credit history’s length.  If the accounts are new or opened recently, then it might give a negative impact.
  4. 10% of the scores attributes to new requests or new applications filed for credit.
  5. 10% of the scores depend on the kind of accounts that you have. This may vary from financial lenders, companies and payday advance companies. If you borrow from such companies, then automatically your credit score falls.

Once you have requested for your credit score along with your credit report, you may review all the information scripted on the report and work on yourself accordingly. This is an excellent opportunity to repair the damages done to your credit score and also know from your mistakes to avoid it in the future. If you have ample time in hand before you wish to apply for a loan or credit card, then you make the corrections and better your scores with the coming financial year. However, beware of the companies and websites whichpromise to show changes in your credit score ranking within the same financial year. Remember, that any changes, modifications or amendments toyour credit report cannot be erased and made to come into existence within the same fiscalyear. Remember, that changes in your credit score ranking in the USA happens only once in a year.Visit here.

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