Knowing and Getting Female Mannequins


In the area of retail, female mannequins are very essential. Gone are the days that they use articulated dolls for their window displays. Mannequins are also called as dummy, doll, or model. Today, mannequins are bursting at the seams of clothing and retail stores in malls and in boutiques. They are excellent marketing tools as clothes are displayed depicting that of humans. Clothes that are used by mannequins are usually the ones that sell fast. Because of the impact of having these on display, mannequins are surely here to stay.

Knowing Female Mannequins

There are a lot of female mannequin types around. These are usually categorized in terms of form and variety of materials. The most durable ones are made of fiberglass. There are also mannequins that are available in a variety of poses and sizes. The notable female types are elaborated below.

1.            Realistic Mannequins.

This type of display is very much human-like. They come in varied skin tones like Caucasian flesh. Observe that these mannequins have facial makeup and even molded hair in black, blonde or brunette. Its average height is 5 foot and 9 inches tall. The waistline is set usually at 25 inches.  This includes detachable hands, arms, and legs that can be easily removed.

2.            Faceless Mannequins.

This is ideal for store owners who would rather want a more contemporary display approach. This is available in different finish like black satin or white high gloss. The display has sleek-shaped heads and a rather clean canvas. This focuses on the merchandise more rather than the face of the mannequin. This also has the same mechanic as that of the realistic mannequins only without the makeup and the face.

3.            Headless Mannequins.

If you want better emphasis on the product rather than the display, this type of mannequin is suggested. This covers only the top of the neck down to the feet. These are usually standing in 5 foot and 4 inches with a 25-inch waistline.

Getting Female Mannequins

There are already a lot of avenues where you can be able to purchase your own mannequin. Whether you would want a realistic one or a faceless one, there are a lot of stores that have these. The Internet is already a good source for finding these valuable items. Simply hit your favorite search engine and enter in the kind of mannequin you would want for your store.

Another avenue where you can get these would be boutiques that are ready to sell their old ones. You can be able to get these for less as these are second hand and already used.  You can even scrutinize the mannequin before purchase.

Over the years, mannequins have proved time and again its value in any retail stores. I have yet to see a store that doesn’t incorporate one in their display. Having these can truly add oomph to your window store and highlight the merchandise. It is no wonder then how important female mannequins are for aesthetics and marketing purposes.

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