Must Have Jewellery for Every Teenager


So you are in your terrific teens and the world is your oyster, isn’t it? Life is full of endless possibilities and love is in the air. And with all the song and dance that your life is these days, there is also a fledgeling fashionista unfurling her wings in there somewhere.

Dressing up is one of the most exciting things about being a teenager. And the best part of being a teen in anywhere is that you get to play around with a stunning variety of styles for occasions and venues as diverse as a 31st night party to a festival or family lunch.

A list of women jewellery types has been given to praise the hard work done for loads of care that is taken to create jewellery for all of young ladies out there because everyone loves to see you glow in the shower of compliments. 

Here are five jewellery inspirations from the best fashion editors that may just come in handy when you are selecting the right jewel for yourself:

  • The First Diamond

Your first summer internship or your exam results, all of this call for a special celebration and nothing is special as nicely as a twinkling diamond. The range of diamond collection is vast and is perfect for young ladies who like to keep things simple and elegant. With pocket-friendly prices and super attractive designs, these make for perfect first buys or birthday gifts.  

  • Charms

Your typical teen closet is incomplete without a charm. Wearing charm bracelets or pendants, earrings or anklets, you should always make sure you team it with the right kind of dress. Hearts and angels, cupid and letters, bells and musical instruments, there is a whole world of charming trinkets waiting to be worn. 

  • Bracelets

Bracelets are a must-have for all young fashionistas. Stack them or wear them solo, but make sure they are light, not too in your loud and yet they make a statement. Youths are lusting for the mosaic style bracelet that adds a pop of colour to pastel or monochromatic outfits. Chain bracelets work beautifully on college days when you do not want to create too much of a jingle jangles with your jewellery!

  • Anklets

Do you have pretty and beautiful feet? Make sure you show them off with dainty anklets. Which when worn with cropped pants, or skirts, beaded and silver  anklets add a quirky and feminine charm to your look. Especially when you wear a single anklet, in bohemian designs, it stands out and looks very pretty to others as well. Pairing it with a skirt or palazzo can also look great. 

  • Princess Tiara for Festival or Events

Sibling getting engage? Or is your brother coming home for Christmas? You cannot go wrong with a beautiful tiara that will go best with your dress. From celebrities like Pamela Anderson to Kim Kardashian, the most sensational girls are wearing them to perfection. The trick is to choose a piece that is slick but features intricate craft. You will not need to wear any other jewellery if you wear and pair this right from popular Australian store like Make Vana

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