0 is a modern solution for working with PDF documents. Unfortunately, various companies and agencies still use paper documents, which have to be transferred to the e-version in the end. Both offline and online papers also need to be organized and sorted. Therefore, SignNow services come to the aid of all companies, private entrepreneurs, and agencies that need to sign pdf documents frequently.


This versatile service easily handles a number of functions, and working with signatures is only one of them. Also, the app is compatible with fifteen industries and allows for twelve integrations, including Google, Microsoft, and other popular business tools.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a private person or a huge company. If you need to organize the workflow of your team, this service will become your reliable assistant and irreplaceable tool.

How Does It Work? 

Now, according to statistics of 2020, 13% of companies have stopped their work due to the coronavirus pandemic, and only 3% of them have switched to a remote work option. All this happens because many companies are simply not ready to work outside the office: to manage personnel remotely, sign online documents, collect and send data, and fulfill other managerial functions.

However, 90% of workers who switched to working from home would recommend doing the same to other people. And let’s agree on the fact that everyone who has a small or medium business should be able to work remotely now. The more so that there are a huge number of tools and services to help in controlling teams and performing paperwork.

Basically, the stress about moving to the remote model is based on the fear that control over working processes will be lost. But in reality, with SignNow, it is even easier to complete tasks and keep track of workflow than doing it offline. After registration, the site will provide you with a personal account and all required tools attached to it. You will independently decide which people to add, which documents to use, and which tools to employ. If you have any questions while using some features, you can figure everything out yourself by watching video instructions or ask for help from the support service.

If we break down all the features point by point, we’ll learn that SignNow can assist in:

  • drawing up documents
  • processing contracts
  • automating workflow
  • accepting payments
  • signing contracts

In order to understand how SignNow works, you can request a free trial or even sign an online PDF file right on the site. The service allows you to try out their multiple features for free, which means it really takes care of its customers.

Why SignNow? 

After a brief introduction of the service, let’s explain why it is worth choosing SignNow. We will not sing it praises but just give you a few facts WHY SignNow is better than other similar services:

  • Price/quality ratio. The average cost of the plans is $25 (starting from $8). If you compare it with other platforms that offer the same range of services or even smaller packages, you will find out that you get not only high quality but also great benefits.
  • Free demo version. Before making a purchase according to a chosen tariff, you can try whether the service is suitable for you.
  • Working offline. If you urgently need to sign a file, but you don’t have an internet connection, don’t panic. You don’t need the connection to sign PDF documents with SignNow.
  • Working with any industry. Whether you are a programmer or you work in a group of teachers, it makes no difference. The platform works with any industry, and it doesn’t matter whether you work solo or within a team.
  • Having some trouble with signing up or not knowing how to properly use the SignNow options? No problem! Their support managers are always within the reach to answer your questions. Moreover, dedicated support is included in the price of Business tariff.
  • Document templates. An unlimited number of document templates are provided for users to create their own customized libraries.
  • Higher productivity. Remote work + effective tools = high productivity. Returning to the question about switching to remote work, we can add that this can increase your productivity. According to the data collected in 2020, remote workers’ productivity is 30-45% higher. And if you are still in some doubt, just think of how much time you spend being distracted by colleagues in the office or waiting for a signature from higher-ups.

We have hardly listed half of all the advantages of the SignNow service and even forgotten to mention their section with reviews. It is enough to read the reviews of customers who have been already using SignNow services to understand that they are completely satisfied with their quality and diversity.

How to Start Working with SignNow?

After you decide to start working with SignNow, you have to go through the registration process and choose a tariff. It won’t even take you three minutes since all you need to do is enter your email and password. There is also an even easier way – to log in using your Google or Facebook accounts. This method will not take a minute.

You can use the SignNow services for free in the trial mode during the first 7 days. How many days you have left to use will be indicated in the upper right corner of the screen.

The rest of the process is not difficult to figure out on your own. Add files and people who will share the files and start working. If you still have questions, you can use helpful tutorials, which make it easy to understand in more detail how the program works.

What About Pricing? 

After the trial period expires, you have to choose a plan for working with the service. You can choose from 4 types of tariffs, each of them offering its own set of features and advantages.

Choose your tariff and assure yourself that working remotely is convenient with SignNow ready at hand!

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