Sitelock: The Real Website Security Monitoring Company


Essential business applications that comprise sensitive information about business procedures and clienteles are at high risk from malicious viruses and hackers. The influence of an attack on websites can result in disruptions in a company’s services as well as loss of revenue and customers. Without proper web security testing measures, the ecommerce sites can be ruthlessly affected for indefinite periods causing a great loss of trade and the faith of billions of users. Apart from this, the risk of stolen information is always there.

Sitelock offers the best solution from all these common problems. The company was established on the principle that Internet security should no longer be a costly, daunting matter, available only to big companies with IT subdivisions filled with engineers. The company has head off to make the Internet security available to everyone by offering an easy-to-use facility concentrated on the security for small as well as medium scale businesses.

In the recent times a lot of fraudulent companies have come up with the only motive of making money; and this is why investigators are cautioning of an online scam where fake internet domains permit themselves off as genuine cyber security companies. Thus, a website owner needs to be very cautious about Sitelock Scam. The website owner should ideally verify the company credentials so that they can get the best services from the authentic Sitelock Company.  Sitelock is supported by well-known investors with a legacy in offering web and telecommunications results to small businesses. It is operated by veteran security experts who are qualified at MIT, Caltech, Stanford and Wharton.

The various products offered by Sitelock are listed below:

  • PCI Compliance
  • Vulnerability scans and TrueCode Static Application Security Testing or SAST
  • Malware detection and SMART or Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • TrueShield Web Application Firewall or WAF
  • Search engine & spam blacklist monitoring
  • Multilingual dashboard
  • TrueSpeed CDN
  • Security packages for any size website or organization
  • Compatible with any hosting environment

Sitelock monitors the websites on the daily basis for malicious activities and then warns for any potential threats.  The 360-degree scanning utilizes lightweight technology in order to look for susceptibilities in the code, as well as any out-of-date applications, without slackening down the website’s performance.  These scans consist of database susceptibilities, searching for disfigurement, drive-by downloads and application susceptibilities.

Therefore, Sitelock aids care for more than just the website; as it can safeguard the entire business. Hackers use SQL injection, malware, cross-site scripting and more refined techniques to steal the customer data, redirect the traffic, and to damage the reputation of the website. Sitelock ensures that hackers do not get access to the websites and thus, they do not get the chance to hamper the website.

For best performance, Sitelock has received awards such as:

  • 2009 Secure Provider award
  • 2012 Best Places to Work in Arizona award

So, it can be said that in order to enjoy maximum benefits, one should choose the authentic Sitelock services and not Sitelock Scam as the genuine Sitelock is the real website security monitoring company.

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