Stocking Cleaning Supplies


Whether you manage the janitorial services for multiple commercial buildings or take responsibility for keeping your home spotless, cleaning supplies are a necessity. Nowadays, there are many more options than just multipurpose spray and paper towels. There are special products for a variety of different surfaces, and special materials for cleaning as well. One of the best ways to purchase cleaning supplies in a financially economical way is to buy in bulk from a cleaning supply company. This gives you access to more products than are typically stocked at a big box retail store, and you can easily get the right amount of inventory, even for a large janitorial contract.

Purchasing from a Wholesale Supplier

When you purchase wholesale cleaning products, you can take advantage of good pricing. You may also be able to find more choices than typically available in department stores. You can stock up on kitchen cleaning chemicals or trigger spray bottles for your home. If you are looking for more supplies for janitorial work, there are products for window cleaning, deep cleaning carpets, and even cleaning trolleys to carry everything easily.

Specialty Products

While you can find typical cleaning products at a cleaning supplier, you can find some specialty items as well. You can get a fully stocked refill for a first aid kit, for example, which is a good idea to have in all buildings, commercial or not. Some cleaning supply companies also carry skincare products, such as hand soap, sanitisers, or creams. If you prefer to use ‘green’ cleaning products, they can sometimes be hard to find. However, most wholesale suppliers carry a range of environmentally friendly cleaners.

Cleaning products suppliers might not be limited to actual cleaning products. Some carry numerous other maintenance items, such as power cords, light bulbs, hammers, drills, and padlocks. There are many different aspects to maintaining any sort of building, and it can be hard to remember everything you need. Even just browsing through a cleaning supplier’s inventory can help you find things you did not know you needed, or new items that can make certain maintenance tasks easier.

Consider Shopping Online

Some large cities might have a physical warehouse-type retailer for cleaning supplies. However, you will most likely find the best selection and inventory at online retailers. Many online retailers stock items and brands you can’t find in a local store, and the process of online shopping makes it easy to stock up on all the cleaning supplies you need.

You do not have to wait to shop during normal business hours and worry about how to transport your order if it is a large restock. With online retailers, you can shop anytime of the day or night, and have your order sent straight to your door. Some places even offer deals on delivery costs, which can be another benefit. If you don’t care for browsing through the product inventory choices on a website, some online companies will send you a printed catalogue on request. That way you can use the catalogue to find everything you want and then go straight to the website (or call the supplier) to order.

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