The Dangers of Parcel Delivery Trucks


Delivery trucks, such as FedEx trucks, are an all too common sight on our roads nowadays. FedEx are the leading small package carrier in the USA, and there will be thousands of their trucks roaming about. The increase is due in the most part because of the large rise in the number of deliveries made because of online shopping. We expect this trend to continue.

Because of the number of FedEx trucks driving about our streets, you will expect there to be a number of accidents involving these trucks, according to

It could be argued that the chances of an accident occurring are higher with FedEx trucks and other delivery trucks, just because drivers are under pressure to make a lot of deliveries each day, which may mean that they drive with less due care than they otherwise normally would.

Because of this unsafe driving, mistakes and accidents occur. When drivers fail to abide by the rules of the road, they need to be held responsible. Many delivery drivers will have been tested to drive safely under pressure. Of course, nobody is perfect, and this makes delivery trucks from FedEx particularly dangerous.

I have often seen FedEx delivery truck drivers drive around like a rally car driver to try and stick to their schedule. Of course, FedEx are not the only delivery company capable of this. Every driver on our roads needs to drive with due care and attention.

We have been contacted in the past by many people who have had accidents involving a FedEx truck, and we have managed to achieved success for these clients by representing them and making a claim on their behalf. If the FedEx driver is found to be culpable, you will be due compensation. So, if you have been involved in an accident with a FedEx truck, make sure you contact an experienced law firm such as Baumgartner law firm, who will offer you a free no obligation chat to discuss your case.

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