The Way to the Evolution of Cloud Computing Systems in Businesses.


Business trends keep evolving, and that has been the niche of the entire industry. Just a couple of years ago, some of the industry experts have completely dismissed the cloud computing which had gained the craze for the time being. The main complaint against it was the lack of practical value that it could offer. The entire technology took a short break from the industry, and came back with all the necessary changes, and since then it has been widely acknowledged by all the analysts and businesses as a major force that could manage the entire operational force significantly.

Even Charles E Phillips Infor accepts the fact that cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way the entire business operates in the market, given the role that IT plays in today’s business purposes. There are thousands of businesses all across the world who are gladly incorporating cloud based software platforms. The main reason behind companies of varied sizes accepting the cloud computing platforms in their businesses and using the infrastructure to streamline the process is enhanced performance of the IT department, clear visibility throughout and reduced cost. Since this new era of cloud computing has begun recently most of the services are yet to identify the trends that are being followed.

  • Cloud computing is poised for the time being to show some dramatic growth in the market. Even though it has shown incredible gains in the last few years, it has no intention of stopping anywhere soon. Of all the companies that exist in the market, more than a quarter have already deployed it in their system. Since 2008, the total revenue from the worldwide cloud services has increased by almost 225 percent. So the steady growth rate can be easily assessed and very soon it will be the only preferred model for companies across the globe.
  • The gaining popularity of mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, have put a major impact on the entire industry. Instead of being restricted to work on the desks, the employers and professionals feel like working from anywhere without wasting even a second. This flexibility demands for mobile workforce as well, which allowed the cloud computing to grow at a steady rate. The open platforms that cloud computing delivered allowed anyone to have access to any information anytime, and anywhere. Hence the convenience and productivity rate can be easily assessed by the companies which draws them towards the particular technology more and more.
  • Since the cloud computing allows to provide acute information enabling smooth communication, all the barriers on the way to improvement are being broken down- be it internally or externally. Whether it is between the departments and the individual staffs deployed, or be it within the customers and sales team, each and every information is being delivered with utmost clarity. This helps the companies to get the friction points reduced down and work smoothly.

To predict the future of cloud computing is even tough for experts like Charles E Phillips Infor. But one thing’s for sure, there’s no stopping for cloud computing to have significant effect on the business operations.

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