This Is What You Can Experience OnSail Sabang 2017


Sail Sabang 2017 is a festival that becomes the right moment to enjoy your holiday in Indonesia. Sail Sabang is a festival held in Indonesia as a manifestation of the geographical conditions of Indonesia as a maritime country. In Sail Sabang, there will be a sailing event with 2 routes that will be managed by professional sailing coordinator. In addition, here will also be a lot of activities for you to follow to complete the moment of your vacation in Indonesia.If you want to participate in Sail Sabang, you can register at Sail Sabang official website. In this site, you can in addition to registration map, schedule, and related things about Sail Sabang.

Sail Sabang 2017 Indonesia giving you the opportunity to experience unique and exciting experiences in your holiday in Indonesia. Here, you can not only watch the fun, you can be a part of this wonderful festival. Some contests will be held openly for your participation. For those of you who want to have a new experience in your vacation, coming and participating in this festival is highly recommended. At Sail Sabang, there will be some surprising activities and moments for you to experience.

  1. Underwater Photo Contest

Underwater Photo Contest is an open competition for you to enjoy Sail Sabang. In this competition, you can capture the amazing underwater scenery in Sabang waters. For those of you who enjoy amazing underwater scenery, you can join this competition for excitement as well as to capture many awesome images in Sabang underwater.

  1. Diving Championship

Diving Championship is a competition held for the participants who love diving sport. Here you can compete with other diving enthusiasts. In addition, there will be an amazing diving experience awaiting you in Sabang. Sabang underwater scenery certainly will not be easy for you to forget.

  1. Parachute Championship

At Sail Sabang this time, will also be held Parachute Championship. For those of you who like parachute sports, this event would be very suitable for you to join. If you want to just enjoy the excitement, you can also watch the fun in this activity.

  1. Aerobatic Show

There will be many fun moments for you to feel in Sail Sabang. If you join this event, you can also watch aerobatic performances that will spur your adrenaline. There is still much more to see in Sail Sabang. Do not miss this festival while you are in Indonesia.

Sail Sabang 2017Schedulewill be available at Sail Sabang website. You can open Sabang Sail website to get the schedule of events in Sail Sabang. If you are interested in entering the contest to be held on Sail Sabang, you can also register yourself on this website. As for those of you who just want to enjoy the excitement in Sail Sabang, you can register accommodation and various things about your arrival in Sabang here. Let’s get an unforgettable experience for you while in Indonesia with being part of Sail Sabang festival.

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