Tips On How To Keep Prepaid Card Transactions Secure



If you have been using prepaid cards for some time now, then you probably are also concerned about fraudulent and unsafe transactions, especially when paying for something online. Many consumers now prefer to use prepaid cards, especially for their online purchases. But even though there is no worry about fraudsters getting access to your bank or checking accounts, they can still scam you when you are using your prepaid cards.

So you should make sure that you learn everything that you can in order to keep your prepaid transactions safe and secure. To help you out, here are some tips that can help you keep your transactions safe:

Make It A Habit To Check You Balance

Before you start using your prepaid card for payments, it is important that you have the habit to check your vanilla visa card balance. Again, fraud does not only happen on debit and credit cards. It can also happen to your prepaid cards. So before any transactions, make sure that you have checked your balance and verified that you have the correct amount on your account.

You PIN Number Should Be Sacred

Whatever type of payment option you are using, you have to protect your PIN Number at all costs. Never give out your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone. Never have it written down anywhere because we have the tendency to keep that in our wallets or purse. That is a huge mistake.

Never Use Public WiFi When Making Online Transactions

If you have to pay for something online, use your own data or WiFi at home. Avoid using public WiFi because fraudsters have access to it too and can use it to track your information. Always make sure that you are using a wireless signal that is password-protected especially when you are checking your balance, paying your bills, or viewing transaction details. This way, you will not be at high risk of password and account information capture by fraudsters.

Report Any Problem Immediately

If in any case you encounter problems, or your card gets lost or stolen, make sure that you contact your prepaid card provider right away. Give them a call to have the card blocked. This way, you might be able to stop them from using your card for any transaction. After that, you can then get a replacement card from your provider.

Many people find it convenient to use prepaid cards for their everyday transactions. However, you have to remember that you also have to keep it safe from all costs. Frauds are everywhere and you might not be able to spot them right away. So aside from choosing reputable merchants, use your card wisely too so you can safely protect your hard-earned money.

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