Travelling to Vietnam from Australia? All you need to know


Vietnam located in the south eastern part of Asia is fast becoming a known hub for tourists and business travellers. For tourists and leisure travellers it is an excellent spot for vacation due to the presence of rich natural beauty like the rivers and beaches along with Buddhist pagodas. Since past few years there has been a rapid increase in the number of travellers coming to Vietnam for both business and leisure. Before every foreign travel it is very important to know of the rules and regulations of the visiting country to avoid any sort of hassles. As the visa rules might differ from country to country, grab more info from the Vietnam embassy in Australia.

Tips to travel from Australia

The embassy of Vietnam is located in Canberra in Australia. Apart from this there are two other consulates as well in Perth and Sydney. When planning for a travel to Vietnam a visit to the embassy is a must, for the collection of information regarding visa and passport requirements.

When travelling to Vietnam from Australia one can either directly contact the embassy to obtain the required visa or apply for an on arrival visa. The procedure for application of visa by either of the two processes is different. Hence a knowhow on the same is very important. An on arrival visa is only applicable when travelling by air and can be collected at the Vietnam airport. If your travel is by land or sea than visiting the embassy is a must.

Procedure to Apply for On Arrival Visa

The application form for Visa Vietnam Australia citizens available on the website has to be filled in as the first step. Ensure to provide accurate information like name, passport number or the arrival date. The next step is making the payment for the visa which is divided into two. Visa service fee while submitting the application online and visa stamping fee paid to the custom official at the Vietnam airport. The amount may vary depending upon the nature of the visa applied i.e. urgent or normal.

Once the application has been submitted the embassy would generally take two days to process the same and issue the approval letter via email. While travelling carry the printout of the pre approved visa letter along with two 4cm*6cm passport sized photos. Upon arrival at the Vietnam airport carry the above along with a simple application form and visa stamping fees to the immigration official for the visa stamping.

The visa can be applied any time from six months before the travel date with a passport validity of six months after departure from Vietnam. Also make sure prior to the travel if you need a single or multiple entry visa and apply accordingly. If it is a single entry visa you will not be able to come back if you leave Vietnam. In such cases a fresh visa needs to be applied again. The duration for a tourist visa is 90 days and business visa up to six months.


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