What’s Your Home Story? Exclusive Tips to Safe Guard Exterior


When you first bought your home, no doubt you gave a lot of thought to the interior and how you would decorate. The exterior you probably left as it was. Sure you planted some flowers, maybe even added some yard adornments, but for the most part, the outside of your home looked great and you were happy with it. Over time, however, the exterior of any home starts to show wear and tear from the elements. This means that you need to perform maintenance such as resealing the driveway, painting, cleaning and repairing gutters, and other tasks. One of the most important bits of exterior home maintenance, however, is more than likely one that you have not ever given much thought to, the protection and cleaning of your roof.

Most people tend to not think about their rod until it needs to be replaced. The truth is that you can forgo this expensive undertaking if you take good care of your roof on a regular basis. The most important things that you can do to help extend the life of your roof for decades is to:

Have your roof cleaned every so often?

Have any tiles/shingles/plates replaces if they are missing or become damaged?

Have your roof resprayed every few years to seal it and keep it protected?

Now you may be inclined to undertake the tasks mentioned above yourself, especially the last one, but make no mistake this may seem like an easy thing to do but it is not. Spraying a roof is dangerous, and lead to damage to your home, and can be a frustrating undertaking that is not worth the small amount of money that you will save by not using a professional contractor. It’s just not worth the trouble to do it yourself. Let’s look at some of the most common issues that arise when someone is trying to do a roof spraying on their own:

Injuries to themselves in the form of falls for the roof, exposure to chemicals used that are not handles properly, and excessive exposure to the sun and heat during the process.

Injuries to friends and family members that are helping them in the form of falls, chemical exposure, sun/heat exposure. Splotchy or uneven consistency to the finished job that makes the outside of your home look bad and harm its curb appeal. Areas that are not properly coated that can still lead to leaks and or other roof issues. Damage to the yard or sides of the house due to overspray and drippage of coating material that isn’t properly applied.

These are just a few of the problems that can arise when you try to spray your roof yourself. The better idea is to use a professional roof contractor that knows how to get the best results from the task. Finding great roofing contractors is tough work. For example, Rekote roofing contractors. It is as simple as doing an internet search or visiting a website to find a service provider that can handle your needs properly is a great first step.

The importance of proper roof cleaning and spraying cannot be denied. Even more so is the importance of not trying to do the task yourself, but rather enlist the assistance of a qualified professional contractor to do it for you. You may feel that by doing it yourself you will save money, but the truth is that there is just to much risk and time involved in the process for a homeowner who doesn’t have the needed experience to try to do it. Proper roof maintenance can add years to your roofs life, and help to protect the investment you have in your largest single asset, your home.

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