When to Consider Hiring a Private Investigator


There are numerous situations where someone may want to hire a private investigator. These individuals are skilled at finding information, especially in situations where it is not readily or easily available to the layperson. Some people may wonder if it is worth the cost of hiring an investigator, preferring to trust the other party instead. Unfortunately, these are uncertain times, and it is hard to tell who you can trust. There are a few situations where it is strongly advisable to hire a private investigator.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies, law firms, and individuals involved in lawsuits regarding insurance claims typically hire a private investigator. The investigator is charged with researching any area of the individual’s life that is relevant to the claim. For example, if someone is suing because they received an injury on the job, an investigator gathers evidence to prove or disprove the nature and extent of that injury.

To Locate a Person

Private investigators are also frequently hired to track down people who are otherwise hard to find. This may include runaways and missing persons. Other individual’s private investigators typically track down include people dodging service of a subpoena, heirs to an estate, or long-lost family members. They do so using numerous resources not available or known to the public.

Background Checks

People require background checks for many different reasons. In some cases, these checks are done for professional reasons. For example, a potential investor may want a thorough background check on a company they are considering putting a lot of money into. Other background checks may be requested by private individuals seeking information about potential babysitters.

Workplace Harassment Investigations

Whenever an employee comes to management with a claim about harassment or workplace violence, it is crucial that the company take it seriously. In order to complete a full investigation without the appearance of any bias, many corporations turn to private investigators. This way, an independent third party can determine if the accusation is well-founded or without merit.

Internal Theft and Fraud Investigations

Private investigators are also skilled at conducting internal theft and fraud investigations. Companies that notice a lot of stock or cashflow going missing may want to contact a private investigator to find the source of these issues quickly.

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