Why Do Your Veneers Smell Bad?


Bad breath can be extremely embarrassing, making you ashamed when talking to others. If you feel foul smells coming from your mouth, you should visit your dentist to find the leading cause and treat it as soon as possible. There are many reasons for bad breath, including poor oral hygiene, dental infection, periodontal disease, etc. But one of the least common reasons is cosmetic dentistry solutions like dental veneers. These days, many people visit experienced cosmetic dentists to enhance their smiles and make them as flawless as possible. A specialist who is considered the best dentist in Oakville says that among all different treatments, dental veneer is one of the most prevalent procedures used to correct smile flaws and all minor or even major aesthetic issues with your smile. On the other hand, veneers can be the main cause of your bad breath, besides how beneficial they are. Cosmetic veneers can’t cause foul smells from your mouth, but poor oral hygiene can make them stinky. Here are the most common reasons for bad breath caused by stinky dental veneers. Continue reading this article if you want to ensure that you avoid bad breath and smelly veneers.

Your cosmetic dentist may fit your dental veneers improperly.

It’s essential to have your dental veneers firmly installed, so there are no edges and gaps between veneers and underlying teeth. When your veneers aren’t fitting correctly, it can cause different problems over time, including bad breath. If you are trying your best to maintain excellent oral hygiene and brush and floss your teeth ideally, the culprit contributing to that smell may be your poorly fitting veneers. According to the experts from Elmwood Park Dental, it’s essential to visit your cosmetic dentist as soon as possible to have your dental veneers thoroughly checked and fix the root of the problem.

Tooth decay may be the reason for your bad breath.

The integrity of your dental veneers usually depends on how healthy the underlying tooth is. Dental veneers are tooth shells covering the front part of your teeth, and some other parts will stay uncovered. The rear or roots of your tooth won’t be protected by dental veneers, which means your tooth can get decayed for various reasons. If you can’t adequately remove all food particles and bacteria in your mouth, your tooth can get vulnerable to tooth decay. If the damaged tooth is left untreated, tooth decay can develop and lead to other severe problems like tooth sensitivity, dental cavities, bad breath, etc.

Your oral hygiene may not be helpful enough.

Although veneers provide outstanding protection and coverage for your teeth, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain good oral hygiene anymore. Some portions of your natural teeth at and below your gum line are exposed to the damaging bacteria in your mouth. Bad breath can be the outcome of poor oral hygiene. As a result, you must maintain standard oral hygiene and follow the practical tips and instructions explained by your cosmetic dentist.

There are other causes of bad breath, like periodontal disease, low-quality veneer materials, etc. If you notice a foul smell from your veneers, don’t waste time and contact your cosmetic dentist immediately.

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