Wire Rope – How is it Changing the Face of Mechanical Lifting and Rigging?


The advancement in the technology needed some mechanical objects that would either successfully lift or drag heavy objects, machinery or units — all hail, to the wire rope that has streamlined the process of lifting and rigging.  The companies, which are into the manufacturing of this important piece of mechanical machinery, have made sure that each of the units is rolled out meeting the properties and specifications.

What is a Wire Rope?

It is a complex piece of mechanical machinery that includes several strands of metallic wire twisted well to form a helical structure and giving shape to ‘rope’. It works in tandem and supports the movement of the load. The wire rope has simplified the job of rigging and lifting industries. It is found attached to the cranes, swivels, shackles or pulley as well.

The unique design of the rope makes it one of the toughest and the preferred machine to lift heavy loads. Apart from this, the entire unit has super fine stress resisting ability, flexibility, strength, and toughness. However, the configuration of the wire rope varies according to the requirement.

Properties that Make Wire Rope the Master Player in Lifting:

Unlike other materials, the wire ropes are well tested under different circumstances. The following are some of the properties that make it a master player in various industries when it comes to lifting, rigging, and dragging—

  • Strength to withstand the weight of heavy objects
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Resistance to Fatigue and Abrasion

However, according to the leading mechanical engineers, it is always be ensured that the right selection of the wire rope is necessary by taking into account the lift for which it is to be used.

Constituting Elements that Make it Strong

The design and the composition of the finished product also contribute to the strength of the rope. The following are the basic elements that play a crucial role in making the entire unit tough to be used—

  • Strands of the Wire

It is one of the important parts of the entire unit. Basically, it is the arrangement of two or more wires properly wrapped around the core in a helical pattern to form the entire structure. In addition to this, these strands define the physical properties of characteristic traits of the wire rope.

  • The core of the Unit

It runs through the centre of the wire rope and gives support to the strand. Apart from this, it also ascertains that the strands do not deviate from their original position when subjected to stress or load. The material from which the core is made also plays a vital role.

  • Wires

Several wires, when properly arranged, leads to the formation of strands. There are different materials from which the wires are made depending upon the toughness, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and resistance to wear and tear.


With the requirement, the design and component of the wire rope are also changing. Several testing is carried out in order to make sure that the manufactured unit is capable of handling weights during lifting or rigging.

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