4 Reasons to Book a Guided Tour though a Travel Agency


Guided tours can be a godsend for the traveler who is visited a new destination. They definitely cut down the total planning you have to do, since it’s up to the tour company or guide to build the schedule and secure bookings for venues. They also let you taste test, so to speak, the different possibilities a destination has to offer in a structured way. Even with the reduced planning, there are a number of good reasons to book your guided tour through a travel agency, such as the one found at 800 S. Main St. Suite 03LL, Mansfield, MA 02048.

Good Guides are Busy Guides

Professionals that excel at their work are almost never lacking in work. This holds as true for guides as it does for electricians and contractors. If you’re trying to book a guided tour for yourself, it’s going to be much harder to single out a good guide. A travel agency will have a handle on what guides to use and what guides to avoid. The agency will also be able to tell you whether a good guide is available for the time you want to take your trip.

Fixed Pricing

Scheduling through an agency gives you a fixed price, up front. Just because a tour is priced a certain way right now, doesn’t mean that will be true three months from now when you arrive. Pricing policies can change based on everything from fuel costs to demand. If sticking within your budget is important, a travel agency tour booking avoids any ugly surprises down the road.

Fewer Fees

Major credit cards and the banks that issue them will frequently slap what is called a “Foreign Transaction Fee” onto any charge made overseas. The credit card fee typically runs somewhere in the 2% to 3% of your total purchase. You might also be assessed a fee by your bank as well, at a rate that is determined internally by the bank. As travel agencies are domestic operations, bookings made by and paid for through the agency will not be assessed these fees.

You May Not Be Able To Book Them

Many guided tour operators don’t accept direct booking from customers in advance. Instead, they work through third parties suppliers that your agency will have access to, but you won’t. Employing an agency will provide you with far more options in what kind of guided tour you take and when you can take them.

A good guided tour can provide you with a chance to see a destination without having to make every decision yourself about where to go and when to go there. Just as important, good guided tours provide you with a wealth of cultural information that you might not find on your own. If self-devised tours have lost their charm, the agents at 800 S. Main St. Suite 03LL, Mansfield, MA 02048 are ready to connect you with a better tour experience.

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