How to Make Eye-Catching Eyes – Home Remedies


As being an important part of the human body, eyes need proper care. Women always try to keep their eyes beautiful and bigger. Applying makeup is a temporary solution I think; for permanent elegant eyes, there is a requirement for little hard work.

It is better to go for some home remedies because they can give your eyes a permanent beauty.

So, here are some useful tips which can fulfill all your desires.

Add some beauty to your eyes:

Swimming is must to make eyes beautiful.
Every morning, sprinkle rose water on your eyes. It will make them elegant.
Add some salt in lukewarm water and wash your eyes thoroughly. You can also use cotton buds, dip them in the mixture and put on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Your eyes will become shiny as a star.
Dip cotton buds into rose water and place them on your eyes. It will make them shiny again.

Make eyes bigger:

Want to make eyes bigger? Only solution is to remove the eyebrows from the lower side.
By doing this, the distance between your eyes and eyebrows will extend and thus your eyes will look bigger.

But it is a little painful stuff so apply some cold cream on eyebrows to stay painless.

Another solution is to apply a lite shade on eyebrows in the beginning, then the darker one and again a lite one in the end to make small eyes bigger.


Apply mustard oil on eyelashes every night to make them bigger.

Dark Circles:

Grind some lemon peels and add almond oil. Now massage around your eyes for 5 minutes. Take cotton buds, dip them into rose water and clean the face.
Use mint powder to remove dark circles.

Eye Pimples:

In order to remove eye pimples, use white pulse in daily diet. After a week or so, you will feel better.

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