5 Advantages of Studying in CBSE Board


The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the eminent and recognized boards of school in India. The CBSE Board got its present title in 1952 and its main aim is to impart common learning in this vast land of heritage of India.

Some of the CBSE Board functions are:

  • The Board is the sole authority who prescribes and update the syllabus and norms of examinations.
  • The Board under its 10+2 scheme of examination conducts examinations of Class 10th and 12th.
  • The Board also provides marks sheet and credential to prominent students

5 Advantages of studying under the Central Board of Secondary Education:

  1. In India, the Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the oldest and largest boards. It is considered to be student-friendly and the Board follows the international syllabus. The syllabus designed by the Board helps the students to achieve fast learning and outperform their respective exams.
  2. Studying under the Central Board of Secondary Education also prepares the students for competitive exams such as IAS/IFS and other governmental exams. These exams are mostly based on NCERT textbooks. The Board organizes preliminary exams for IIT and AIIMS. So, for those who want to pursue future studies from these recognized institutions will have a plus point in cracking their entrance exams.
  3. The Central Board of Secondary Education provides online education system and you can get easily get study material online like NCERT textbooks in pdf form, CBSE Sample Paper,exam dates, result information, etc. It also provides a scholarship for those students who are in need of it.
  4. Along with quality knowledge, the Board also encourages students to pursue sports alongside studies. It provides a wide network and opportunities to explore students’ sports talent at the national level.
  5. In terms of exam reforms, the Board is moving towards an international approach in its examination patterns and marking schemes. The Board while designing the exam papers always keep in mind how much the students have learned. Comparison to other international boards very few students fails in CBSE exams.

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