Preparing for verbal section in GRE Exam


GRE general test can be termed to be an exam that has been designed by the college management to measure the student’s quantitative, analytical writing and verbal skills that they have developed throughout their academic career. Probability of achieving success at the graduate school is correlated strongly by high GRE scores. Many professional schools and graduates do require the applicants to sit for the GRE Exam. It is considered to be a computer based exam, which means, all examinees are required to have basic computer knowledge and operation.

Know the different sections in GRE exam

The GRE computer based exam has three different sections, namely:

  • Unidentified experimental section that is regarded to be a second quantitative or verbal section.
  • Analytical writing section comprising of two tasks.
  • 28 question quantitative section.
  • 30 question verbal section.

Verbal section

This particular section tends to measure the individual’s ability to make use of words as a reasoning tool. He/she is tested not just for vocabulary, but also for the ability to correlate relationship existing between written passages and those among individual word group. There are also questions in this section that are based upon analogy questions, antonym questions, reading comprehension questions and sentence completion questions. Gre study from a well established center will make the exam feel easy and result oriented.

Sentence completion questions

This section tends to test individual ability to make use of vocabulary skills and to recognize logical consistency that is present among sentence elements. It is essential for the student to be more informed than just the mere dictionary word definitions. Every question in this section is said to come with single or couple of blanks, which signify particular set of words or a word. Select a word or probably set of words as required for each blank to reflect best the overall meaning of the sentence. The leading gre coaching centers are sure to provide the aspiring students with plenty of rich and GRE exam related study materials that will prove to be more than valuable. Students studying such reference materials will be able to imbibe in the right type of knowledge that will be required to enhance their learning and to get high scores in the exam.

The reference materials provided by the coaching centers are sure to have plenty of questions related to the different topics covered in the syllabus. The fact is that Sentence completion questions are likely to be found from wide range of fields such as literature, art, philosophy, history, astronomy, botany and geology as well as from other fields. Although the candidate might not be aware about the subject’s exacting sentence matter, still he/she should be in a position to analyze the sentence as well as select the most appropriate word to complete the meaning. According to the experts, the sentence subject matter is not the one which makes sentence completion questions to be viewed as something hard. The experts will provide proper solutions and the right guidance to selecting the correct answer.

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