6 Professions to Choose if You Want to Help Others


People usually decide on the kind of career they want to pursue based on different ideals and values. 

Massage Therapist

There are people whose utmost wish is to support others during their difficult times and help them overcome challenges. 

These people mostly go into professions that allow them to provide services that will positively affect peoples’ lives. 

Among the numerous career options available today, some jobs offer more direct access to peoples’ lives than others. 

These career options mostly include healthcare, public services, education, legal, and charity work. 

If you have the zeal for helping others in various aspects of their lives, here are six professions that can afford you that opportunity. 


Among the healthcare providers, a nurse is usually the closest to the patient as they always stay in close contact. 

They provide all kinds of treatment, ranging from chemotherapy to psychotherapy. They do mostly hands-on work, which allows them to get close to the patient and decide how best to ease their pain and discomfort. 

Together with other healthcare professionals, a nurse helps restore a person’s health to its optimal condition. 

If you have compassion and a caring spirit, pursuing a career as a nurse might be fulfilling for you.


An educator is responsible for shaping the minds and visions of young adults, including children. They help to form the foundation upon which other values and knowledge would be built.

As a teacher, you get to interact directly with your students and impact their lives. Apart from their academic prowess, you would also teach them some essential life lessons that would be useful for them in the future. 

You can pass on wisdom that you have gained from your life experiences and help steer the courses of your students’ lives.

Massage Therapist 

The world today is filled with a lot of physical, mental, and emotional stressors. Being subjected to excessive amounts of stress can cause burnouts and mental breakdowns.

Hence, massage therapists help people relax and let go of pent-up agitation, thereby improving their psychological and physical health. 

You can get a certificate in massage therapy from institutions such as mimt.edu. The courses run for less than three years, after which you would be certified.

Social Worker

A social worker helps families and individuals to find solutions to their problems and challenges. Their job entails assisting their clients in finding opportunities that will improve their quality of living. 

They also help to get people out of dangerous situations, especially in their homes. Social workers are usually deeply involved in clients’ lives as their services cut across various aspects of life. 

You can decide to deal with clients from a specific demographic such as children, adolescents, young mothers, or people from low-income households.


As a lawyer, you can help people in matters relating to the law. You could:

  • Specialize in areas such as criminal law, helping people who have been wrongly convicted to find justice
  • Do pro bono work for less privileged people
  • Go into property law, helping people to protect their properties 

You can gain fulfillment from being a lawyer, seeing as most times you are standing between a person and imprisonment, property loss, or unemployment.


Many people are struggling with severe mental and emotional issues that are mainly affecting the quality of their lives. 

A psychotherapist is a person that uses various techniques to treat mental and emotional disorders. 

They prescribe treatments that allow clients to manage their symptoms, lead functional lives, and have meaningful relationships. You can specialize in aspects of psychotherapy such as:

  • Behavioural therapy: this has to do with helping clients to adopt socially acceptable and functional behaviours.
  • Occupational therapy: helping patients to learn skills and trades that can help make their lives easier
  • Recreational therapy: using physical activities to help patients manage their symptoms. 

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