Approaching an Orange County Counselor for Couples Counseling


Counseling is a powerful healing technique for many issues and there are different specializations in counseling including couples counseling. An expert Orange County counselor handling couples counseling can help understand the behavior patterns of individuals into a relationship and resolve problems.

Couples therapy is a solution-focused technique, which defines attainable treatment goals and custom designed by keeping the most desirable outcomes in mind. Couples counseling is aimed to help individuals involved to improve their relationships and enjoy a better living.

Process of couples counseling

At the baseline, the processes involved in couples counseling will teach the individuals engaged in a relationship on how to take helpful risks to develop a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship. In real, the opportunities to continue personal growth and attain happiness occur throughout our lives. If we are able to identify it properly, this individual growth can lead to stable and committed relationships.

Expert couples therapy aims at encouraging emotional growth to allow people experience a ‘being loved’ feeling with the significant others. It teaches people to develop trust and feel safe by mutually sharing their deepest thoughts and private self to their partners. For those who are planning to attain it, the most effective way to go for it is to approach a professional Orange County counselor who is licensed and has a significant amount of experience in couples counseling.

Problems require couples counseling

Couples counseling is meant for all sort of problems arise in a relationship including;

  • Poor communication
  • Problems related to getting along well
  • Understanding issues with the partner
  • Disagreements about parenting
  • Work and career issues
  • Social issues
  • Extended family issues
  • Sexual relationship issues and more

Couples therapy will show the participants a right way to live in a more respectful and loving manner. Through the insight gained over couples therapy, you can learn how to deal with the stresses of daily living without tampering the relationships.

Couples therapy approach

Couples therapy includes a multi-focal psychotherapeutic approach, which help people understand the natural human flaws and learn how to cope up with it. The allied medical and mental health problems of the individuals involved in the relationship may also be simultaneously treated with other therapies to ensure a complete cure.

Being at the right counseling facility, the partners will identify themselves being at a very safe place to acknowledge any hurtful behaviors. People undergoing couples counseling are also found learn more effective communication skills and willingness to express remorse and apologize.

How long it will take?

Couples counseling is custom designed to address specific issues applicable to each couple. So, the course of therapy may also differ based on each specific situation. Usually, counseling sessions may end in 10 to 12 sessions. However, it may get extended based on the intensity of problems involved.

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) who initiate couples therapy are specially trained and highly skilled professionals with deep understanding of the family dynamics and the socio-cultural components affecting it. A professional Orange County counselor can diagnose the exact issues in the first sitting itself and treat a wide range of psychological and emotional disorders affecting the relationships between people to resolve them.

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