Are you an Alcoholic?


Alcoholism has been a part of society’s problems for years. Most people have either had a relative who suffered with a bad drinking problem or have the problem themselves. There’s no doubt that everywhere we go alcohol is in our presence. The consumption of alcohol has become so bad that society businesses and companies have created specific centers for individuals to get help. Alcohol can be considered a legally controlled substance that does just as harm to us as any street drug. Alcoholism can be known as an addiction no matter what substance a person may be hooked on. Statistics show that nearly 17 million Americans every year suffer from some type of alcoholic issue. Here are some things to know about alcoholism and getting some help.

Here’s some questions you may want to ask yourself if you think that you are not Alcoholic.

  • Are you annoyed by people criticizing your drinking?
  • Have you ever thought about cutting down on your drinking?
  • Does your drinking make you feel guilty or bad?
  • Do you find yourself having a drink first thing in the morning to relax your nerves or help hangover?

More than likely if you were able to answer yes to these type of questions, you may have an alcohol problem. Alcohol addiction, unfortunately sometimes is not in the news as much as a heroin epidemic. However, it is a serious addiction just as any other abusive drug. Alcohol addiction help should be a consideration.

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What is alcohol abuse?

Often a person thinks they are not physically dependent on alcohol but it is the main factor creating problems in their life. Alcohol abuse is the first warning sign that a person is heading toward dependency on alcohol. There is most like an alcohol addiction help line you can call for more information.

Binge drinking

Binge drinking can happen to a lot of individuals who don’t even realize they’re doing it. A lot of times it can start when we are very young or go away to college. The overall meaning of binge drinking is that what a person drinks a high excessive amount of alcohol in a short portion of time. This can mean running with your friends going from party to party and ending up consuming up to 10 drinks in a few hours. Binge drinking does difference between men and women. Men are likely to consume five or more drinks within 2 hours where women May consume only four drinks.

It has been revealed in the CDC that binge drinking is the most costly and deadly pattern of alcohol consumption when it comes to alcohol abuse in the United States. Per The National Institutional on Alcohol Abuse it reveals that nearly 26.9 percent of people at the age of 18 and older binge drink. It’s more common than most people would like to believe. Some also even believe they are not alcohol-dependent and don’t need alcohol to function each day. Whatever the case may be getting alcohol addiction help can be the first step to recovery.

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