Cherries: The Medical Miracle In Your Garden


In the UK, growing cherry trees has slightly gone of fashion. But, more of us would probably buy cherry trees if we know knew more about them.

When you are about to buy fruit trees, you should certainly consider adding cherry trees to your garden. Buy cherry trees and you will end up with trees that will keep you in cherries for many years to come. Out of all the fruit trees that we can buy, they are perhaps the most “user-friendly” of all garden crops.

Most cherry trees are resistant to disease and will go on to yield berries for many years to come. The flowers are pretty and smell great. You can even decorate your home with a couple of branches of cherry tree flowers in late spring.

Buy Fruit Trees Vs Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are easy to grow in the smallest of gardens. You can even buy cherry trees that you can grow in pots. No longer do you have an excuse for not growing fruit trees if you only have a terrace.

If you do decide to grow a cherry tree on your terrace or balcony, make sure that you plant flowering herbs nearby. Flowering herbs such as lavender and rosemary, will help to attract pollinators. Unless you attract pollinating insects you are not going to end up with any fruit.

Cherries Are Good For You

Research is currently taking place into the health benefits of eating cherries. Anthocyanins are a rare group of antioxidants found in cherries. This is a special group of antioxidants but cherries produce them in abundance.

It is thought that anthocyanins can help to reduce inflammatory response and help to protect the nucleus of the cell. In Southern European countries, men who suffer from prostate health problems, are often recommended to drink cherry juice.

You can buy supplements, but why not eat cherries from your own garden instead?

Can I Preserve Cherries?

You can preserve cherries, but they need to be stoned. One of the best way of preserving the health benefits of cherries, is to turn them into cherry juice. You can buy juice making equipment online. Most varieties of cherries yield juice in abundance. Best of all, cherry juice freezes well and you can keep it in the freezer for up to six months.

Find out what variety of cherries are suitable for your growing circumstances and get growing.

Cherry trees in your garden will keep on producing beautiful flowers and great tasting cherries for many years to come.

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